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Vlogged: What Elliott got for Christmas 2017

There's a new video over on my You Tube channel. If you would like to take a nosy at what Elliott had for Christmas.

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Vlogged: Life Update

Except for my diary entries - now over on WW Little Star Daily Journal - (which I generally write for selfish reasons, so I can look back and remember what on earth I was doing in 2017) I've been noticeably absent from my blog and vlog for the past few months. Take a quick squizz… Continue reading Vlogged: Life Update

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A New Year, A New Video & A New Facebook Page!

Hello there and a BIG, HUGE HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! I do hope you saw 2017 in style, whether that style be a sultry┬áparty dress or some comfortable PJs is entirely up to you. I opted for the latter and enjoyed a cosy night in with the hubster. Elliott even came to join us… Continue reading A New Year, A New Video & A New Facebook Page!

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Vlogmas – The missing days

Vlogging is hard work! I know. I realise that sounds ridiculous. Holding the camera out at arms length and prattling onto it is actually the easy part. Who knew? Making sure the camera has charge, sorting the editing, getting the damn videos to upload and a whole host of other technicalities make it challenging. Still… Continue reading Vlogmas – The missing days