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Vlogged: The weekly vlog – 23rd – 29th April

Last week's weekly vlog is now live. It's a long one but there was just too much toddler cuteness and I had to include it all! I haven't vlogged at all this week so think of last week's as a bumper edition to make up for the lack of one this week. Take a look… Continue reading Vlogged: The weekly vlog – 23rd – 29th April

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March: The missing videos

So... March. Yeah, that happened. Anyone who watches my YouTube channel (or even checks into this blog) might wonder what happened. Life happened, that's what! That's not to say that there isn't some footage, so I've popped it together in this video along with a bit of a narrative to explain what was going on.… Continue reading March: The missing videos

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Vlogged: Family day out to the RAF Museum

I'm so terribly behind with the vlogs at the moment. Hence why I'm posting this one on here at 11pm on a Monday, oops! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOSjc5YHWt4&feature=youtu.be Anyway, here's what we got up to during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of January 2018 as much for my memories as for your amusement. It features: Elliott's… Continue reading Vlogged: Family day out to the RAF Museum