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Discovering I don’t have Polyhyrdamnios (probably)

Another week of pregnancy, another scan... This time a follow-up to my Saturday appointment which had revealed high levels of amniotic fluid (also known as Polyhydramnios). I attended the clinic fully expecting for them to confirm the volume of water was still high and that I would have to be admitted, or at least scheduled… Continue reading Discovering I don’t have Polyhyrdamnios (probably)

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Discovering I have Polyhydramnios

My second pregnancy truly is the pregnancy that just keeps on giving. That is, keeps on giving me all the rare health complications. A PUPPPs rash affects 1 in every 150 pregnant women. Meanwhile, my latest weird and wonderful health condition, Polyhydramnios, is only found in between 0.5 - 1% of pregnant women, joy! Being… Continue reading Discovering I have Polyhydramnios

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Second pregnancy. First Trimester.

The first trimester of any pregnancy is always a challenge. There's the nausea/morning sickness, getting used to the swathe of hormones that are rushing through your body and the hit-the-wall and then some tiredness. There's also the question of when you tell people you're expecting. Telling my little boy I was pregnant Anyone with a… Continue reading Second pregnancy. First Trimester.