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Discovering I have Polyhydramnios

My second pregnancy truly is the pregnancy that just keeps on giving. That is, keeps on giving me all the rare health complications. A PUPPPs rash affects 1 in every 150 pregnant women. Meanwhile, my latest weird and wonderful health condition, Polyhydramnios, is only found in between 0.5 - 1% of pregnant women, joy! Being… Continue reading Discovering I have Polyhydramnios

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A trying third trimester

If you've read my second trimester update you'll know that I spent the tail end of that period with dry and itchy skin. I honestly thought it was just heat rash, or because my skin was stretching beyond it's capacity. More fool me! It was, in fact, the dreaded PUPPS or PEP rash. A rash… Continue reading A trying third trimester

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Top tips for treating pregnancy related rashes

FIRST UP! If you are experiencing any form of rash, irritation or itching during your pregnancy, PLEASE CONSULT WITH A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER IN THE FIRST INSTANCE. Pregnancy related rashes can be indications of more serious conditions and should not be self-treated without first consulting your midwife, GP or consultant. If you are suffering from the… Continue reading Top tips for treating pregnancy related rashes