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#MummyMoney Getting your finances in order

I previously wrote about the danger of financial assumptions. There was one financial assumption that I didn't touch upon in that blog post and that is the assumption that if we bury our heads in the sand long enough and just keep going our finances will take care of themselves. Unfortunately that simply isn't the… Continue reading #MummyMoney Getting your finances in order

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The danger of financial assumptions

To assume is to make an ass out of you and me (ASS-U-ME). Yes, it’s a middle-management cliché and an incredibly cheesy David Brent style one at that, but just sometimes it’s infallibly true. You see, as an older mummy with a decent job, people assume that I have my shizz together when it comes… Continue reading The danger of financial assumptions

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Let’s get talking about money mummy’s

When you're a mummy there really aren't that many topics of conversation that are off-limits with your fellow mummy friends. Whether you pooped yourself during labour? Yup, that's fine. C-section and episiotomy scars? Perfectly acceptable chat over a coffee. That you're struggling financially..? Woah there nelly! Did it just get really uncomfortable in here, or… Continue reading Let’s get talking about money mummy’s

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Haul: How we spent our Christmas money

Is it just me, or is Christmas money still a bit of a taboo topic? Everyone gives it; everyone receives it - yet very few seem to talk about it. Strange... Anyway, here's how we spent ours this year... https://youtu.be/niYzTeM5p80 Or at least some of ours. Making this video highlighted the joyous fact that we… Continue reading Haul: How we spent our Christmas money


Should we stay, or should we go?

There's nothing like the thought of an impending holiday to get you thinking about your financial situation. Every year hubby and I book a week off work around the time of our wedding anniversary and generally go away during that week. Previous locations have seen us visit a luxurious spa, Edinburgh, Lanzarote and, er, a… Continue reading Should we stay, or should we go?


#MAMAHUSTLE: Bring on the eBay Frenzy!

Books for sale Spurred on by listening to the #Girlboss audio book and the fact that my bank account is looking so lack-lusture following months of being on SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) I've decided to try to boost my income (and as a result my savings) in any way possible! First stop, eBay, where, rather… Continue reading #MAMAHUSTLE: Bring on the eBay Frenzy!