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Vlogged: Family day out to the RAF Museum

I'm so terribly behind with the vlogs at the moment. Hence why I'm posting this one on here at 11pm on a Monday, oops! Anyway, here's what we got up to during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of January 2018 as much for my memories as for your amusement. It features: Elliott's… Continue reading Vlogged: Family day out to the RAF Museum

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Discounted In The Night Garden Live Tickets Going to see In The Night Garden Live was one of our highlights of 2016. The organisation and production was superb. Every little detail had been taken care of - organised buggy parking, tiered seating (with no actual seats), projections all around the auditorium, the fact that even the guy who directed us to… Continue reading Discounted In The Night Garden Live Tickets

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Vlogged: Daleks and cream tea?!

I'm really too old to have irrational fears. Or at least I am when those irrational fears are of an upside down wheelie bin with a whisk and a sink plunger attached to its 'face'. Yup, my irrational fear is of daleks! When you bear that in mind you should be very proud of me… Continue reading Vlogged: Daleks and cream tea?!

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To Worcester with aches

I was too grumpy to take any photos today, so here's a photo of Worcester from a visit a couple of months ago.  Woke up feeling a bit poop this morning to be honest. A feeling not helped by a 6:15am wake-up call - cheers Elliott. Fortunately he came for some snuggles with mummy and… Continue reading To Worcester with aches