Diary: A Day out to Weston-Super-Mare – 13th June 2017

The vlog is back-ish. Take a look at what we got up to on our recent day trip to Weston-Super-Mare here:


Discounted In The Night Garden Live Tickets

Going to see In The Night Garden Live was one of our highlights of 2016. The organisation and production was superb. Every little detail had been taken care of – organised buggy parking, tiered seating (with no actual seats), projections all around the auditorium, the fact that even the guy who directed us to our parking space opened with ‘You’re here for In The Night Garden? Iggle Piggle is expecting you’. The production itself was just gorgeous. I actually felt quite emotional watching Elliott watch the characters he loves to see on TV. If I’m honest Elliott was probably a little young for it last year. But this year? Oh my god – this year I am sure he is going to LOVE it – so we just had to get tickets!

If you’re thinking of going – DO! The show runs over the summer in Birmingham, Manchester and London.

Even better, if you book using the following link you’ll get £5 off an order over £60, or 5% off orders under £60. Simply book using this link to take advantage of this special offer: https://nightgardenlive.mention-me.com/m/ol/mq3jh-samantha-heathcock

What are you waiting for?

Vlogged: Daleks and cream tea?!

I’m really too old to have irrational fears. Or at least I am when those irrational fears are of an upside down wheelie bin with a whisk and a sink plunger attached to its ‘face’. Yup, my irrational fear is of daleks! When you bear that in mind you should be very proud of me when you watch this little video clip of what we got up to over the weekend. And, yes, I did freak out at first, much to hubby’s embarrassment!

If you prefer a linkeroo, here is one, just for you: https://youtu.be/IqM-oqzQ-E8


To Worcester with aches

thumb_IMG_6337_1024I was too grumpy to take any photos today, so here’s a photo of Worcester from a visit a couple of months ago. 

Woke up feeling a bit poop this morning to be honest. A feeling not helped by a 6:15am wake-up call – cheers Elliott. Fortunately he came for some snuggles with mummy and daddy and fell back to sleep (once he had finished kicking the shit out of us in that way that only toddler can obvs). Hubby then took over morning bottle duties so I could try to sleep off some of the nasty aches – didn’t work – and so I set to making porridge for the three bears.

We headed to Worcester after breakfast. I figured I may as well feel achey and run down elsewhere, rather than sitting in my stinking pit feeling sorry for myself (by the way, my pit isn’t actually stinking , just a little dusty). On the drive there hubby got all geeky with the tech in his new car, whilst I caught up on my editing. There should be three new vlogs pinging their way onto my YouTube channel shortly. Although, I do warn you, they’re not the most exciting. Maybe just fast-forward to the bits where Elliott is being cute? I’m pleased I’ve caught up though as I was getting myself in a tizz and decided not to film any more content whilst I had such a backlog as it was stressing me out and then I got stressed out that I wasn’t filming. Welcome to my brain, a constant swirl of oxymorons and conflicting emotions. I don’t know how I choose which pair of socks to put on some days.

Anyway, Worcester was lovely, as always. We lunched and the lovely man in the restaurant offered Elliott free ice cream when he started to get a little bored (Elliott not the man, although I guess waiting tables can get a little dull after a while). We didn’t accept. We were about to leave and Elliott had already eaten half his body weight in yoghurt. Elliott was pretty patient whilst mummy and daddy ate their burger and fries and lasagne, to be honest. He just sat there watching the birds fly overhead and the people pass by, and, of course, did his usual trick of smiling at people until they are forced to smile back at him. Such a flirt, but hopefully spreading lots of happiness too.

Hubby purchased a few T-shirts from Primark and treated both of us to some take out lattes. Then we headed down to the river, always a stunning sight with the cathedral sitting alongside the vast River Severn, and onto the park with the intention of Elliott getting to play on the swings. I swear Elliott’s vocabulary has got a bit muddled up somewhere along the lines and he thinks ‘park’ means ‘sleep’, as in true form he slept through the entire park visit and only woke up when we got back to the car to drive home.

I’ve done some lazing, some housework and some general catching up this evening. I don’t feel like I will ever feel on top of things ever again, there’s always an ‘i just need to…’ and even when that’s done another crops up. I’m now in bed deciding what tasks I need to get done before I go to sleep and what can wait until tomorrow. I’ve just had some neat Jack Daniels to try to get rid of my aches – fingers crossed I feel more sprightly tomorrow.