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Survival tips for busy working mum’s

Let's face it, whether you work or not, being a mummy is bloody hard work. Rewarding and enjoyable? Yes, but hard work nonetheless. Back in May I returned to work on full time condensed hours. This means I work 36 hours over four days instead of five so I still get to spend Friday's with… Continue reading Survival tips for busy working mum’s

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Full time working mummy

Send help! Domestic, financial, spiritual... actually scrap that send gin! Lots and lots of glorious gin! You see this week marks my first week as a full time working mummy! Eek! Going back to work after maternity leave I was going to say that I was 'fortunate' enough to take a full year of maternity… Continue reading Full time working mummy

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How to gain an extra 6 hours a week!

Bloody hell! Time flies when you're wrestling with a toddler during nappy changes (yup, still not cracked potty training yet). In fact, it zooms by when you're getting up at 4:30am to catch the train into central Birmingham for the nine-to-five, which first became the 8-5:30 and last week briefly became the 8 'til 8.… Continue reading How to gain an extra 6 hours a week!