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The Lost #Vlogmas Video – The Christmas Tag

So, how was your Christmas? What did you get? How did you celebrate? My feet are only just hitting the ground post festivities. I would like to say that's because I've been a social butterfly buoyed along by a whirlwind of family parties and glorious get-togethers. In reality it's been due to being ill still/again.… Continue reading The Lost #Vlogmas Video – The Christmas Tag

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#Vlogmas – What’s in Elliott’s Stocking

I've just realised the title on the thumbnail of this video is incorrect, but hey ho. I don't have time to correct it at the moment. Here's what's in Elliott's stocking this year if you'd care to take a nosy...

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Vlogmas – The missing days

Vlogging is hard work! I know. I realise that sounds ridiculous. Holding the camera out at arms length and prattling onto it is actually the easy part. Who knew? Making sure the camera has charge, sorting the editing, getting the damn videos to upload and a whole host of other technicalities make it challenging. Still… Continue reading Vlogmas – The missing days