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Second pregnancy. First Trimester.

The first trimester of any pregnancy is always a challenge. There's the nausea/morning sickness, getting used to the swathe of hormones that are rushing through your body and the hit-the-wall and then some tiredness. There's also the question of when you tell people you're expecting. Telling my little boy I was pregnant Anyone with a… Continue reading Second pregnancy. First Trimester.

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Our conception story, aged 38

I had hoped to provide you with weekly pregnancy updates this time around (a la super vlogger, Anna Saccone-Joly). However, pregnancy - and life - had other plans, and so here I am, writing this at full-term. There are links to posts about the other stages of my pregnancy at the foot of this blog… Continue reading Our conception story, aged 38

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Top tips for treating pregnancy related rashes

FIRST UP! If you are experiencing any form of rash, irritation or itching during your pregnancy, PLEASE CONSULT WITH A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER IN THE FIRST INSTANCE. Pregnancy related rashes can be indications of more serious conditions and should not be self-treated without first consulting your midwife, GP or consultant. If you are suffering from the… Continue reading Top tips for treating pregnancy related rashes

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PUPPS, PEP and Pregnancy Related Rashes

"Scabies rash" "Flea bites" "Chicken pox" "Meningitis rash" Just some of the more recent phrases I've searched for on Google. In fact, if you saw my search history you would unearth a plethora of disturbing images of various types of rashes as I attempt to self-diagnose what this godforsaken stupid itching is all about. It… Continue reading PUPPS, PEP and Pregnancy Related Rashes

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The Zog Trail at the Wyre Forest, Kidderminster

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. Hidden amongst the trees you'll find a host of fire-breathing dragons, furry creatures and intriguing dens. In search of an alternative activity for Mother's Day weekend (trying to get an excitable three-year-old to sit through Afternoon Tea or a Sunday lunch… Continue reading The Zog Trail at the Wyre Forest, Kidderminster