Sunday Digest

Sunday Digest – 7th May 2017

This week we... Recovered from tonsillitis and purchased some new shoes! Recovered from getting kicked in the head multiple times - ah the joys of (attempting to) co-sleep with a toddler! Got some free groceries with Shopmium. Got woken up a little too early by a cute and crazy toddler! Visited the polling station to… Continue reading Sunday Digest – 7th May 2017

Sunday Digest

Sunday Digest – 23rd April 2017

Happy St George's Day people, especially to all the mamas who can now only associate this day with Peppa Pig's younger brother! This week we have been... Reminiscing on how I celebrated my 37th birthday last month. Getting all the toddler essentials from IKEA! Bounding around like loons at the trampolining centre Looking… Continue reading Sunday Digest – 23rd April 2017

Sunday Digest

Sunday Digest: 12th March 2017

This week we... Took a moment to appreciate the fact that things do get easier. Boosted our part-time income with some free groceries, thanks to Shopmium. Looked back on how we spent our Christmas money. Remembered what was so fab about February. Looked forward to my upcoming birthday! Took ALL the drugs. Bloomin' blocked… Continue reading Sunday Digest: 12th March 2017