Sunday Digest – 7th May 2017

This week we…


Recovered from tonsillitis and purchased some new shoes!

Recovered from getting kicked in the head multiple times – ah the joys of (attempting to) co-sleep with a toddler!


Got some free groceries with Shopmium.

Got woken up a little too early by a cute and crazy toddler!

Visited the polling station to vote for the West Midlands Mayor. 


Read the strangest book EVER!

Had a fabulous Friday – #FridaysRock!


Spent almost an entire day doing washing!


Enjoyed the sunshine.

How did you spend your week?


Sunday Digest – 30th April 2017

This week went a little Pete Tong for us when we all decided to be ill at the same time!

That means a lot of the blog posts I was planning on writing never got done. But hey ho! Health comes first.


I did manage to pull together this one about Elliott’s personality.

Everything else was a diary update…

Monday – Mum’s Night Out.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – is written from the perspective of a toddler.


By Saturday we were starting to feel better.


Although Elliott’s toddler mood swings were challenging today, we’ve survived and he’s actually also been supremely cute. 

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! If you’ve any ideas of any low energy, high fun activities we can get up to tomorrow, please let me know 🙂 x


Sunday Digest – 23rd April 2017

Happy St George’s Day people, especially to all the mamas who can now only associate this day with Peppa Pig’s younger brother!

This week we have been…

Reminiscing on how I celebrated my 37th birthday last month.

Getting all the toddler essentials from IKEA!

Bounding around like loons at the trampolining centre


Looking back on Elliott’s 18-month milestones


Wondering who the heck to vote for, how to wear our hair and why toddlers are so self-destructive.


Having fun at soft play at the local garden centre.

Having a day of two halves with a teething toddler.


Sunday Digest: 12th March 2017

This week we…


Took a moment to appreciate the fact that things do get easier.


Boosted our part-time income with some free groceries, thanks to Shopmium.


Looked back on how we spent our Christmas money.

Remembered what was so fab about February.


Looked forward to my upcoming birthday!

Flashback to Tuesday when I took all the drugs & was off my face 💊😬 but had to be due to horrible hurty ears.

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Took ALL the drugs. Bloomin’ blocked eustachian tubes!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 16.02.05

Panicked that Elliott had Chicken Pox, he didn’t, thankfully!

Played football in our communal gardens, who say’s there aren’t advantages to apartment living with a toddler?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 15.56.23

Had a rock and roll Friday night in.

Got hooked on Celebs Go Dating.

Enjoyed having curly hair. One of the advantages of my post-pregnancy hair loss is that I can curl my hair more easily. Every cloud and all that…

How was your week?

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