Toddler Morning Routine – 20 months

A while back I wrote about Elliott’s routine and mentioned I would try to make a video to accompany it. Well, it’s taken a while (and this is only his morning routine) but here it is…

This video also goes by the name of ‘why it takes so long to get to the park’. Seriously toddler procrastination is something else. I had to edit loads out and yet there’s still plenty that remains.

Hope you enjoy.

What’s your morning routine?

Also – any tips for capturing toddlers at nappy change time?


If you want something done – ask a mum!


Back in the day I used to struggle to get to work for 9am.

Seriously, I did…

It makes me laugh now.

I only had myself to look after and I only worked two miles up the road, but that struggle of getting out from a cosy bed, washed, dressed, ready, in the car and to the office just seemed impossible. After all, I wasn’t a morning person and I was so tired…

Tired..? Tired..? I didn’t know the meaning of the word. Even when I think I’m tired now, I’m not really. Not in comparison to the *whispers* newborn days…

I now start work at 8:30am (awaits an audible gasp from anyone who knew me BC (Before Child)) and yet still manage to get a gazillion things done before I arrive in the office.

The other morning I…

  • Woke up and turned off my multiple alarms – safety in numbers!
  • Showered, brushed my teeth – the essentials…
  • Got dressed
  • Removed my old nail polish
  • Tidied the bedroom
  • Put some towels into the washing machine
  • Woke Elliott up
  • Waited for him to do his morning poop – he literally stands there in his cot making eye contact with me whilst he fills his nappy – charming!
  • Changed Elliott’s nappy
  • Warmed Elliott’s milk and fed it to him (he still likes me to feed it to him rather than holding the bottle himself – I don’t mind as he’s massively independent in other areas)
  • Brushed Elliott’s teeth
  • Got Elliott washed and dressed
  • Tidied up and locked down the apartment
  • Put Elliott’s shoes on – this sounds like an insignificant task but it can take forever
  • Helped Elliott walk down two flights of stairs to the car
  • Wrestled Elliott into his car seat
  • Put Elliott’s shoe back on as a result of above wrestling
  • Drove to nursery
  • Did the nursery drop off – there was a tense moment when Elliott delayed sitting down to have his breakfast, but we got there
  • Headed to Sainsbury’s to pick up tissues, washing liquid and ladies supplies
  • Drove to work
  • AND still got into the office before 8:30am

Granted, not every morning goes as smoothly as this. But that’s besides the point. I am super-proud of myself for being able to fit this all in pre-work, especially given my BC tendencies.

Sometimes you’ve gotta celebrate the small victories!