MummyNomics: Matched Betting

In my attempts to boost my part-time salary I’ve been investigating other ways to make money and stumbled across Matched Betting.

I’d heard friends mention this before, but I’d never fully understood it and the fact that the word ‘betting’ was in there made me nervous. Gambling is a mugs game, right?

Then I stumbled upon Emma Drew’s brilliant money making blog and did some research. She writes about the ins and outs of Matched Betting better than I ever could, so if you want a more detailed account head over to her site to take a look. But I thought I’d give you my take on it.

Matched Betting isn’t gambling, as such. I mean it is. You’re placing bets with online bookmakers like Betfair and Coral. But you’re not technically making your money from the bet, you’re actually making your tax free money from the offers that the bookmakers give you to trial their site, or to keep using it.

In general you place a ‘qualifying bet’ to access the offer and a ‘lay bet’ (with another bookmaker) to offset any loss (if you bet on one team to win on one book maker and for the same team not to win (i.e. to lose or draw) on another site. You generally make a loss on your initial bet (of a few pence) but that’s fine because you soon make that back on your next bet where you use the offer (this might be something like a £5 free bet).

It sounds complicated but online resources like Profit Accumulator provide a step-by-step guide for each and every bet. Profit Accumulator gives you access to two free offers to whet your appetite and then you can choose whether to subscribe to receive access to further offers.

I completed both opening offers and made around £16 from the two offers. It would have been more but myself and Mr H both decided to start Matched Betting at the same time and some of the offer Ts & Cs only allow you to take advantage of each offer once per household (it monitors your IP address to do this) so I didn’t qualify unfortunately. And that is where my Matched Betting journey ends. Y’see although it’s a good earner it was too time consuming to read all the Ts & Cs to find out which offers both Mr H and I could do, so I handed the baton to Mr H – after all he’s better at all things mathematical than me and he doesn’t have a blog to look after, so has more time to devote to Matched Betting. So far he’s made £1,142 and he’s only been doing it since February.

And these are his top tips for making matched betting work for you…

  1. Devote some serious time to it – you can make some good money but you need to put the hours in if you want to see decent returns
  2. Devote even more time during major sporting events, such as Ascot or the Grand National when there are lots of offers which tend to be fast moving
  3. Keep a spreadsheet so you can tally how much profit you’re making, it can get a bit complex as you make a small loss initially. Plus, as you’re using different bookmakers it’s good to keep track of what bet is where and when you next need to take some action.
  4. Use a separate bank account for Matched Betting. This makes it easier to keep track of your profit and soon you will have enough profit in the account that you won’t need to dip into  your own money.
  5. Don’t be afraid to exploit all the offers, even if they seem complex, Profit Accumulators step-by-step tutorials will guide you through.
  6. Use the Profit Accumulator forums for help on specific queries.
  7. Make sure you’re paying attention. The devil really is in the detail with Matched Betting and you need to make sure you’re putting the right bets on the right teams for the right amounts to make it work. Maybe get someone to work alongside you as a sanity check for your first few bets.
  8. Don’t get carried away! Matched Betting is a nice earner, actual gambling is a whole different game. If you think you’ll be tempted to bet outside of the offers, this probably isn’t for you.

Have you tried Matched Betting? How did you find it?


MummyNomics: Getting the most from the Shopmium App


A while ago I wrote about how you could get FREE groceries by using the Shopmium app.  Have you trialled it yet? If not, give it a go, and don’t forget to use my sign up code (KHKFUEFQ) when you sign up to get a FREE Lindt chocolate bunny.

Anyway, here are my top tips for getting the most out of Shopmium.

  • Check the app before you leave home and make a hit list of the stores you need to visit to make the most of the freebies available.
  • If you’re in a different area for the day and they have different supermarkets to your local town, take a look at your app to see if there’s anything you can take advantage of that you wouldn’t normally be able to.
  • Make your Shopmium purchases on a cashback credit card for extra rewards (always pay your balance off in full each month in order for this to work to your benefit).
  • Get your partner to download the app too. Double the apps – double the rewards.
  • Use my referral code (KHKFUEFQ) when you sign up to get a FREE Lindt chocolate bunny.
  • Use referral credits wisely to get discounted products for free.
  • Seen something for free but it’s not for you? Why not grab it, claim for it and donate it to your local food bank collection.

You can download Shopmium from the Apple appstore here and from the Google Play store here. Remember to use referral code KHKFUEFQ to get your FREE Lindt chocolate bunny!.

MummyNomics: FREE Groceries

The combination of returning to work part-time and having another human to clothe, feed and entertain means money is tight, which means I’m constantly on the look out for savvy savings and mummy money making schemes – my MummyNomics (Mummy Economics). 


Groceries are a weird one, right? Food is one of life’s necessities. Food is also delicious and makes us feel great. But shopping for food? Not so much fun. Paying for food? Eek! It’s probably our second biggest expense after our mortgage each month. So anything that makes grocery shopping more fun and more affordable is good for me (and you!)…

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the Shopmium app. In the past 12 months I have enjoyed over thirty pounds worth of free shopping by using this app – everything from baby food, toddler meals, snacks, flavoured water, hair products, frozen roast potatoes. The app is super-easy to use and makes shopping fun too!


So, Shopmium basically gives you the opportunity to trial products for free or with substantial discounts. You download the app to your phone, register your details (don’t forget to use my referral code of KHKFUEFQ to get your FREE Lindt chocolate bar too!) and then check the app before you go shopping (or, if you’re disorganised, like me, when you’re in store).


Offers are arranged in easy to navigate categories, which vary depending on the offers available at that time, at present I have – ‘All offers’, ‘Featured’ and ‘Baby & Toddler’. Browse the offers and click for more details. Sometimes you’re invited to watch a short commercial for the product, but I always skip these – sorry advertisers!


Shopmium works on a cashback basis. So you buy the product first and then get cashback paid once you’ve shown Shopmium your proof of purchase.


Once you’ve accessed the details of the offer you can see whether the item is free, or discounted and also check out where the offer is available (some are exclusive to certain retailers).


Once you’ve found an offer that’s for you, you just need to find the product in your supermarket. This has led to some very amusing scavenger hunts for me and Elliott (free shopping and free entertainment for a toddler – surely a win, win – right?). Then use the handy barcode checker to make sure the item is included.


Then, pay for your item as normal with the rest of your groceries but make sure you keep hold of the receipt.


When you get home access the app again and select ‘request my cashback’ on the offer then scan the product bar code again and take a photo of the receipt to upload to the app. This will then send this information off to Shopmium to be verified and as soon as they have done this (this generally takes 24-48 hours in total) your cashback claim will be accepted and the money will be credited back to your bank account details that you input when you signed up for your account. Simples!


Granted, as these are product trials they are likely to be things in addition to your normal shop, so you will probably still have to fork out the same amount for your weekly shop. But Shopmium does mean you can have some lovely luxuries on top of your normal shop for nothing! There are regularly reduced offers for beer and wine if that’s your thing. The free snacks are amazing and there were even some Little Dish toddler meals up for grabs a few weeks back.

I really love the Shopmium app. It makes me feel like I’m treating myself when I’m not really spending anything and adds some fun to the dreaded Friday top-up shop.

You can download Shopmium from the AppStore here and from Google Play here. Remember to use referral code KHKFUEFQ to get your FREE Lindt chocolate bar.