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My Birthday Wishlist

This month I'm sure to be adding some more wrinkles to the collection as I turn 38! How the eff did that happen? Proof indeed that life is what happens whilst you're busy making other plans. Anyway, to soften the blow a little here are some of the things I'm hoping the birthday bunny will… Continue reading My Birthday Wishlist

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My 2018 reading list

One of the goals I failed to mention in my vision for 2018 blog post (although I did perhaps allude to it in the emotional spending confessional) was that I want to read more. I used to read lots. In the bath, on the sofa, in bed, in the park, whilst cooking, during train journeys.… Continue reading My 2018 reading list

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My top ten tips for making new years resolutions

I'm never certain whether setting resolutions is a good thing or a recipe for disillusionment come 15th January, yet every December I find myself wondering how I could make the coming year bigger and better than the current one. This year I did things slightly differently. Time will tell whether my new approach will work… Continue reading My top ten tips for making new years resolutions