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Welcome to my world. 

I’m a thirty-something first time mum of a gorgeous little boy (if I do say so myself) and wife to a fabulous husband. I started this blog whilst on maternity leave when I found out that some days were filled with joy. The others? Poop and sick mainly…

What can you expect? 

By no means am I the finished article. Don’t expect me to be preaching about how you should be doing x, y and z. Sure I’ll offer up any helpful tips I uncover as I navigate my way through mummy-dom, but don’t expect perfect eyeliner and regular blow drys. Likewise, even if I do sometimes struggle to find the time to run the brush through my hair, don’t expect me to be moaning about parenthood all the time either.

I might be wearing my L-plates but I’m still enjoying the ride – join me in my journey through parenthood.

Am I really an ‘older’ mum? 

It would appear so. At the time of writing this I am 35 (erm, as I edit I’m 37!!). A lot of mummy bloggers out there (and certainly mummy vloggers) make me feel ancient! And, if I needed further proof… on the day I was due to be discharged from hospital after having my little bundle of joy I was assessed to see if I needed a prescription of injections to prevent blood clots. “Aha!” said the midwife “You’re OK, the only area you scored highly on was being an older mum as you’re 35.” Gee! Make a girl feel good about herself after the trauma of labour why don’t you? So, yes, I’m over the hill when it comes to babies it would seem 😉

Thank you

The fact that you’ve stopped by this little blog (or perhaps stumbled across it through a random Google search) means the world to me. I hope to see you again soon. Why not leave a comment and let me know where you’re from. I love reading other people’s blogs so feel free to leave a link to yours.


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