Manifesting the Autumn/Winter wardrobe of my dreams

How’s your Autumn/Winter wardrobe shaping up? 

If you’ve seen my recent ‘Wardrobe Organisation’ video on YouTube, you will know that mine needs some serious love and attention. If you’ve not seen the video yet I’ll leave it at the foot of this blog post. Take a look!

The original plan for organising my wardrobe was to get rid of anything that didn’t ‘spark joy’ (thanks Marie Kondo), didn’t fit or had seen better days, and to store anything overly summery (I’m looking at YOU tie-dye short shorts). What actually happened is that I realised half of my wardrobe was built on relics and near antiques. A black shift dress from 2007! An oversized fleece from when I worked at Next circa 1997. My University hoodie… I graduated in 2002. Maxi skirts that pre-dated my children. Tattered undies that are less ‘rip me off’ and more plain-old ripped. Leggings with see-thru knees. Saggy shapeless pyjamas. You get the picture. 

“Tattered undies that are less ‘rip me off’ and more plain-old ripped.”

Now amongst those items there are some gems and some pieces that no matter how tired and worn they are will always remain in my collection. My black shift dress from Oasis has seen me through interviews, trade shows, and funerals alike and continues to hold classic status – and it’s shape. My oversized men’s fleece from Next is falling apart but it’s as cosy as hell and just makes me feel cosy as soon as I put it on. 

However, alongside the gems is some absolute trash that I have to keep because, at present, I simply don’t have anything to replace it. Sure, at one time I would have struggled to afford new clothes thanks to rubbish statutory maternity pay (sort it out, Liz!) and before that saving to move home. I could argue that more recently money has been tight as we have been paying extortionate nursery fees. That’s true. However, I never seem to have any issues spending on books

Truth of the matter is that when it comes to my wardrobe I come from, to use a Manifesting term, a place of ‘lack’, or what’s also termed a ‘scarcity mindset.’

Let’s circle back. I grew up poor. There’s no two ways about it. My mother did a good job of making sure I didn’t go without but that meant whilst other kids were knee-deep in designer trainers and cool school bags I was lucky to get a new school accessory from the market. Government vouchers collected from the local council office generally paid for my school uniform. We had to get the bus there as we didn’t have a car. My clothes outside of school were generally hand me downs or charity shop finds. I generally didn’t mind. In fact, I often preferred some of the second-hand outfits to some of the newer items I was treated to. 

“Government vouchers collected from the local council office generally paid for my school uniform.”

I’ve worked hard to make sure that I have enough money for a home, my family and all the other bits and bobs that I think are important. But my mindset hasn’t quite caught up and my limiting beliefs still think I need to keep hold of those old clothes ‘just in case’ and that maybe I can’t afford, or (woe is me) don’t deserve those new clothes. Eek! 

Roxie Nafousi in her best-selling book, Manifest says: “Fear and doubt come in the form of insecurities, limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness and a lack of trust in the universe’s ability to provide for us. Fear and doubt sabotage our manifesting abilities by subconsciously sending a message to the universe tht we aren’t worthy enough, or ready, to receive the things that we desire.”

Put simply, I want a nice stylish, yet practical wardrobe of clothes suitable for my lifestyle and bank balance but because I come from a place of believing that clothes aren’t something I should spend money on, I feel undeserving of them… ergo it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and I end up with a load of scruffy old sweaters. Even if you don’t believe in all the ‘ask the universe’ stuff from a simple psychological perspective it makes sense. 

Of course, I could look to manifest designer clothes but that’s just not me. If that is your thing, then go you! I would just like some new jogging bottoms and a cardigan that isn’t falling apart to be honest.

Sorting out my wardrobe really opened my eyes to seeing how I’ve been living under a cloud of ‘lack’ or ‘scarcity’ and how this was having an impact on, not just my style, but also other areas of my life. I’ve got so used to uttering the words ‘I can’t afford it’ but can I really not afford it or am I just telling myself a tale that becomes self-fulfilling? 

So, am I going to go on a wild Autumn/Winter shopping spree? Well, yes, to a degree. I’m not going to be splurging on Gucci any time soon but I am going to be looking for cost-effective ways to plug the gaps in my wardrobe. Why cost-effective when manifestation means I could have anything I wanted? Because I get a little kick from getting a bargain. I just can’t help it. Plus, let’s face it, even with Truss’ energy price cap I’ll still need to get the crystals out to manifest enough to pay the gas and ‘leccy bills over the winter. But at least I can stay warm in some new clothes!

So I’m curious…

What’s your attitude when it comes to updating your wardrobe?


Where do I go to get some new season style? 

Here’s the Autumn/Winter wardrobe organisation video…


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