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Discovering I don’t have Polyhyrdamnios (probably)


Another week of pregnancy, another scan…

This time a follow-up to my Saturday appointment which had revealed high levels of amniotic fluid (also known as Polyhydramnios). I attended the clinic fully expecting for them to confirm the volume of water was still high and that I would have to be admitted, or at least scheduled for, an induction. Hospital bags were loaded into the boot of our car, snacks were purchased in case of a long wait for a meeting with the consultant, hair was washed prior to the appointment in case of a lengthy hospital stay…

Truth is. I couldn’t have got things more wrong. We waited approximately five minutes to see the Sonographer who quickly checked baby’s vitals as well as the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him (or the size of his swimming pool, as I have preferred to refer to it as). All was normal. I was confused and sought clarification. The Sonographer explained that sometimes, if baby is presenting in an awkward position, within the uterus it can give the impression of large pockets of amniotic fluid in certain areas. These would be rearranged when baby moves. This kind of made sense. Baby was in a super-awkward position during our Saturday scan, he had clearly squidged himself up into a water-filled pocket of my uterus.

I was still to report to the Day Assessment Unit where my notes were reviewed. All of my blood tests had come back normal – no infection and no Gestiational Diabetes. Yay! As everything was within normal ranges now, there was no need to speak directly with a Consultant. Although the midwife did try to to call one on the ward just to confirm. The Consultant was in theatre, but the midwife noted my details and told me she would give me a call later, or over the weekend, to confirm next actions. As far as she was concerned, there would likely be another growth scan scheduled for next week but otherwise we were good to wait for that much hoped for ‘natural’ low-risk birth on the midwife-led unit that I’m hoping for.

Wow! We were in and out of the department in super-fast time and decided to take advantage of having my mom putting Elliott to bed for the night. We headed to Five Guys for dinner where my phone rang… UNKNOWN NUMBER. It was the midwife, true to her word. She had caught up with the Consultant and they had confirmed I would need to come in for a growth scan the following week. This was originally scheduled for Thursday (Elliott’s birthday). However, I managed to change the appointment to Wednesday instead. We were hoping baby would make an appearance before the scan. However, I’m now in two minds. Last night I was convinced I was going into labour, but nothing… I either want baby to pop out today or stay put until after Elliott’s birthday. Watch this space!


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