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Maternity Leave Starts Here

Today marks the official start of my maternity leave. I get that it's odd for it to start on a Bank Holiday, but it seems working full-time condensed hours confuses things when it comes to what's classed as 'holiday' and what isn't. I plan to celebrate by scoffing a cake the size of my head… Continue reading Maternity Leave Starts Here

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PUPPS, PEP and Pregnancy Related Rashes

"Scabies rash" "Flea bites" "Chicken pox" "Meningitis rash" Just some of the more recent phrases I've searched for on Google. In fact, if you saw my search history you would unearth a plethora of disturbing images of various types of rashes as I attempt to self-diagnose what this godforsaken stupid itching is all about. It… Continue reading PUPPS, PEP and Pregnancy Related Rashes