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Pregnancy Update Part 1 – Deciding to try for baby number two


In case you didn’t know, I’m pregnant with baby number two!  Quite heavily pregnant, actually, I’m already 23-weeks! Eek! It seems your second pregnancy goes much faster than your first!

I had hoped to do regular YouTube and blog pregnancy updates, but life got in the way. I have started doing weekly ‘bump updates’ on my Instagram and Facebook channels and, by way of catching you up, and me recalling something of my whirlwind second pregnancy in years to come, I thought I’d do some updates on the story so far. Starting with the decision to try for child number two.

The right time to try for baby number two

I honestly don’t think there is a right time for baby number one, two or ten. You’ll never be rich enough, have a big enough house, enough time or enough support. Deciding to try for a baby is a case of jumping in with both feet and hoping for the best. However, for us, trying for baby number two was more about getting some of the more boring practicalities of life to allign, rather than any particular feeling that the time was right. By the way, I should probably state that having a second child was never really a question for us, we always knew we wanted more than one, although there was a stage where we wondered if we could actually afford to increase our brood.

Planning our second child

Planning the conception of our second-child was done with almost military planning. You see, we ideally wanted baby number two to be born just before Elliott started school. With Elliott due to start school in September 2019, we knew we needed to get cracking.

Why aim for this date? For one, Elliott being in school means I get to spend some quality time with baby. Another reason is that we only have to pay out for one lot of crippling childcare costs at a time and the third, and possibly most compelling, reason is that; whilst I don’t necessarily want to be a full time school run mum; my current working hours would even be difficult to sustain with breakfast and after school clubs. I’d already changed my hours once this year and wasn’t certain that a second request to change them, especially when I would likely be decreasing them, would be welcomed. Plus, aged 38, I thought I really shouldn’t leave it much longer.

Moving house whilst pregnant

We also wanted to move house before baby number two came along. Having put our own home on the market in the summer of 2018, we thought our plan to conceive baby number two in the Autumn of the same year would be feasible. However, if  you’ve read my most recent blog post you’ll know that our house move didn’t exactly go smoothly, which is why we ended up moving house with me being 18 weeks pregnant. Not ideal, but at least we got the mortgage sorted before I started maternity leave, eh?

Coming off birth control and deciding to try

With our meticulously planned timelines we needed to work back and find our ideal window for conception. Nothing like scheduling for putting you in the mood for some rumpy pumpy, eh? It was decided that I would come off my birth control in August with a view to conceiving between September and December of 2018. With me being older and us having less energy, and a mini bed invader, we thought things might take longer second time around. It didn’t and baby number two is due in June 2019.


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