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Being kind to yourself and an Insta takeover

Ah man! Vlogging, blogging, working full time, being a mum and everything else is hard! But you don’t want to heat me moan. Today I was going to upload last week’s edited vlog. The one where I spent most of the week travelling on motorways or in hotels for various work events. That vlog is still sitting in my camera in unedited clips. But this one from the week before did go live on Wednesday if you missed it…

Anyway, after another busy week I’ve decided to be kind to myself today and (hopefully) normal vlogging, blogging and the such like will start again next week.


If you do want your fix of Elliott cuteness and if you want to find out what happens today – as it happens I’m doing an Insta story take over on the momlife_organizedchaos Instgram channel, so head over there as I face life’s serious dilemmas like which coffee to make and which colour bowl to give Elliott being as we’ve misplaced his favourite blue one!




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