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Let’s get talking about money mummy’s

When you're a mummy there really aren't that many topics of conversation that are off-limits with your fellow mummy friends. Whether you pooped yourself during labour? Yup, that's fine. C-section and episiotomy scars? Perfectly acceptable chat over a coffee. That you're struggling financially..? Woah there nelly! Did it just get really uncomfortable in here, or… Continue reading Let’s get talking about money mummy’s

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March: The missing videos

So... March. Yeah, that happened. Anyone who watches my YouTube channel (or even checks into this blog) might wonder what happened. Life happened, that's what! That's not to say that there isn't some footage, so I've popped it together in this video along with a bit of a narrative to explain what was going on.… Continue reading March: The missing videos

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Book Review: Happy by Derren Brown

Back in the day, when I was a young carefree, marketing type Back when I was living in London; grabbing a morning coffee from Pret, en-route to my Bridget Jones style job in publishing and drinking pretentious cocktails in over-priced bars at night. Yes, back then I used to read a lot of philosophy books.… Continue reading Book Review: Happy by Derren Brown