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Book Review: Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher


First things first. Big up (do people still say that..?) to Giovanna Fletcher who is one of my ‘go-to’ ladies on social media when I need a bit of a pick-me-up. I have no idea how she manages to fit in being a writer, actress, wonderful mummy, amazing wifey and all-round good egg whilst being so smiley and happy but she does and when I’m having an ‘I’m out of coffee and Elliott just asked for Weetabix but is now demanding Porridge’ kind of morning she can certainly brighten my day.

Then I realised I’d never actually read one of her books. Keen to address this wrongdoing I was lucky enough to pick up Always With Love from The Works at a bargain price as a pre-Christmas treat.

Always with Love is the sequel to Billy and Me, which I haven’t actually read, thankfully  this novel works fine as a stand alone book with no requirement to read the prequel first. Phew!

The story centres around Sophie, the small-town cafe owner and her super-star Hollywood actor boyfriend, Billy, and tells the tale of how they strive to make things work despite their very different jobs, schedules, lifestyle and the fact that one of them is in the UK running a small cafe and the other filming a blockbuster film in LA.

It’s chick-lit, no two ways about it, but it is beautifully written chick-lit. It’s chick-lit which makes you care about the characters and get cross with them sometimes. It’s chick-lit that feels like a warm hug when you’ve had a rotten day.

I’m terrible at writing fiction reviews. I’m always too scared that I’m going to give the plot away, so all I will say is that if you’re looking for some chick-lit escapism, something you can indulge in on the train to work to take your mind off spreadsheets, or read in the bath to try and drown out thoughts of potty training this is a good choice and much like Giovanna herself, if you’re a fan of the chick lit genre, this is sure to put a smile on your face.

Find Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher at Amazon

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