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How to gain an extra 6 hours a week!

Bloody hell! Time flies when you’re wrestling with a toddler during nappy changes (yup, still not cracked potty training yet). In fact, it zooms by when you’re getting up at 4:30am to catch the train into central Birmingham for the nine-to-five, which first became the 8-5:30 and last week briefly became the 8 ’til 8. So, yeah, that’s why you haven’t seen me about these blogging parts just lately.


That said, life is ALWAYS going to be busy. I have a job, a blog, a (just about alive) vlog, a toddler, a husband, family, friends. I need to sleep, eat, wash, rest, watch trashy TV. You get the picture. No one is going to come along and hand me some extra hours on a silver platter. Just imagine it… I am. The vision I get is Robert the Robot from Justin’s House strutting up to me with one of those silver domed things they use to serve posh food. He whips the dome off and proclaims ‘Voila Ma’am, here’s three extra hours, use them as you will.’

So, yeah, anyway, back to reality, being given extra hours in the day is about as likely as Justin not being tricked into answering the door by said pesky robot (can you tell we’re big fans of Justin’s House here?). So if no one is going to give me that extra time I have to get creative and make it. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered to help me do just that (and in doing them, I’ve bought myself around 6 extra hours a week – boom and indeed, shake the room!).


  1. The Husband

Mr H does the morning nursery run when I’m at work. On those mornings he also gets Elliott ready for nursery. That buys me some early morning time to myself. He also takes Elliott swimming at the weekend. This also buys me some time to myself. Thanks Mr H.


2. 24-hour supermarkets

Technically our most local supermarkets aren’t actually open 24-hours, that said, they’re open early enough to ensure I can do a sneaky top-up shop before work, buying me more time to watch Celebs Go Dating write engaging blog posts on the evening.


3. Costa

I have discovered that my local Costa opens at 6:30am on weekdays! So if I sneak out of the house whilst Mr H is getting Elliott ready for nursery I can grab a whole hour-and-a-half of latte fuelled blog writing before work. Woo hoo!


4. The Organised Mum Method of Cleaning

I have no idea how I stumbled upon Gemma and her simple but life-changing method of cleaning. Basically you do 30-minutes of cleaning in a set room each day (so Monday is living room, Tuesday is bedrooms etc… etc…). On top of this you do a few set jobs each day which take no longer than 15 minutes. You take Saturdays off. You keep on top of the housework and never again do you waste an entire soul destroying day to housework. Something I used to all the bloomin’ time.


5. CBeebies

Or your channel of choice. I don’t like Elliott watching TV for long stints, but sometimes when you’ve gotta get something done, you’ve gotta get something done.

6. Buy a Dyson V8

OK, so this it’ll set you back a fair amount of cash. However, having purchased our Dyson  V8 in a Black Friday deal I can confirm this is one piece of tech which is a serious game-changer, making it easy to keep on top of vacuuming, even with a crumb-creating toddler!

7. Read to your toddler

Eh? Elliott has always fought sleep. Like always. He’s ALWAYS convinced he’s going to miss out on something and, as a result, his eyes keep popping open to see what’s going on. So even though he looks super-tired after I’d read a couple of books it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily going to settle. I could carry on reading books but the pictures tend to stimulate him, so I’ve found a new win-win solution. Read my book to him (currently Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher). There’s no pictures, the sound of my voice reading slowly and quietly seems to settle him and I get to read MY book! Woo hoo!

8. Don’t wear make-up

I love make-up. I love the creative side of it, the whole ‘playing around’ and creating a ‘new look’. Who am I kidding? I love the fact that it hides a thousand sins – eye bags, spots and all that other jazz that comes with the lack of sleep from looking after a toddler. But more recently I’ve been going without make-up more and more. This is a double whammy, for one it saves time and secondly wearing make-up less often improves my skin which means I don’t need to wear so much make-up.

How do you create more hours in your week?

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