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My vision for 2018

In my last post I explained how I went about setting my goals for 2018, here’s a sneak peek into what some of them are.


Now, full disclosure, I’m not lifting the lid on everything that I’m hoping for in 2018. For one, some things are just private and, secondly, I’m not one of those people who needs to tell everyone their goals in order for them to happen. Plus, why put excess pressure on myself? I have enough of that already thank ye very much.

What I will say is that my full list of goals is saved in an Excel file on my laptop and entitled ‘DO IT!’ so I am very serious about making 2018 the year of making things happen. 

In a nutshell my goals are broken down into 11 areas: finances, business/career/studies, family, social and friends, romance and love, things to buy, health and fitness, self image, recreation and fun, Elliott and spirituality.

I’ve not made SMART goals, or really any true resolutions but here are a selection of some of my dreams, hopes and aims for the coming year:

Financial goals

  • Overhaul my finances – this includes saving wisely, setting money aside for upcoming expenditure in a sensible way, setting a more robust budget and only using my credit card for online expenses.
  • Make a money-making plan and stick to it – 2017 saw me begin my #mamahustle journey and in 2018 I want to take this to another level.
  • Stop emotional spending – bit of a tricky one this, but I tend to spend money when I’m feeling a little out of sorts (mostly on books and make-up) so I would like to find a way to overcome this. I’m really not sure how, so if anyone has any advice please let me know.
  • Spend money on some of the things I really need/want to buy rather than wasting it on books and make-up (see my point on emotional spending above), this includes: new furniture for Elliott’s nursery, a mummy bag so I don’t always end up carrying around a children’s Cath Kidston rucksack and a badly needed new mattress.

Relationship goals

  • Spend more quality time with my family – I’m hoping to do this by clever scheduling so I’m not eating into family time with chores and admin.
  • See strangers as ‘friends you just haven’t met yet’ – obviously I’m not going to be inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry in for a cup of tea and a chocolate Hob Nob but when I was on maternity leave I became much more relaxed about chatting with strangers and made some good friends and acquaintances as a result. I’m not sure what it is, maybe lack of time, but since returning to work my guard is back up and I think I need to let it down again.
  • Regular date nights, kisses and cuddles with the mister.

Self care goals

  • Take Vitamins, drink water, do yoga – all the usual new year cliches, but I know I will feel better for them so…
  • Have a badly needed wardrobe clear out and buy myself some new clothes.
  • Take my make-up off every night without fail. 
  • To investigate the spiritual side of me and see what works for me.
  • Go on lots of fun days out, watch trashy TV, visit some of our favourite places and have a holiday or two.

Toddler goals

  • Elliott’s goals include transferring him to a toddler bed, potty training him and also losing the dummy – wish us luck, I feel we may need it!

What do you reckon? Are they achieveable? Daft? Or somewhere inbetween?

What are your hopes for 2018?


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