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What I learned in 2017

Once you stop learning you start dying.pngLesson One: Aldi is cheap.

Like super-duper cheap. I can’t believe how much we’re saving on our weekly shop and also how yummy the food is. We may have slightly over-indulged on their Christmas party food though, oops! Of course, the Shopmium app is even cheaper still!

Lesson Two: Never take anything for granted.

When you’re the mum of a toddler just the simple things like having a full night of sleep, or being able to shower (or poop) in peace deserve to be appreciated, let alone friends, family, wine, gin, coffee… ;-).

Lesson Three: Acceptance is key.

Some things you can’t change. Don’t fight it. Accept the situation and move on. This one is easier said than done!

Lesson Four: Toddlers don’t play ball.

Two toddlers on a play date will always head off in different directions making it impossible to catch up with your mummy friend.

Hosting play dates at home is the way forward… if a little messy!

Lesson Five: Perfection is pointless.

I hate, hate, hate the ‘dust if you must’ poem (controversial maybe but it’s just used as #mumguilt for mummy’s who like to keep a clean house, which I’m certain wasn’t the authors original intention) but I do now realise I used to spend way too much time making perfect towel bale displays and the like. Clean and done is worth more than pretty and perfect.

Lesson Six: Reading is my new meditation.

Gone are the days of being able to sit cross legged on the floor whilst envisioning breathing out black smoke and breathing in white light. I’ve longed for that feeling of being in the meditation moment but sadly with so much whirring through my mind these days it’s almost impossible to quieten it and if I do there’s always a good chance that a two-year-old will wake up and throw me off track. Reading is where the escapism is at these days.

Lesson Seven: I feel better when I exercise.

I have been really bad at doing any exercise since having Elliott. Granted, we did do Yogabellies classes at first, but if I’m honest I was more into those for the hot cup of tea and biscuit at the end than the pranayama. I’ve managed to go for a jog, erm, once and, to be fair, until recently I was doing a course of swimming lessons but other than that running around after a toddler at soft play was about as aerobic as it got. That was until just before Christmas when we took advantage of an offer at our local David Lloyd gym to trial it for 14 days for £14. I didn’t get there as much as I had hoped (due to the pesky weather – great for building snowmen, not so great for driving to a gym perched atop a hill), but I did feel so much better when I got those endorphins pumping.

Lesson Eight: Batch cooking is a must.

Being a working mum is hard, even a part time working mum. By the time we have finished work and picked Elliott up from nursery and got home it’s about 6pm, too late to start cooking anything exciting from scratch, so I’ve taken to batch cooking pasta sauces, chillis and the like. Although the batch cooking is a bit laborious sometimes, the Wednesday evening me is always grateful to the Sunday afternoon me for having something quick and healthy for dinner.

Lesson Nine: Having kids changes your perception of just about everything.

The lessons I’ve learned from Elliott in 2017 and even before that are too many to list, but suffice to say, kids just make you look at things from a totally different way. They make you live in the moment, take chances that you never thought you could, care less about things that don’t matter and notice the things that do. They also make you extremely nervy about danger and the future of the world. Quite literally swings and roundabouts!

Lesson Ten: I’m actually a massive geek.

Didn’t realise it until this year, but with a penchant for both Arrow and Flash it seems my inner geek is breaking through. Probably not a bad thing when I have a little boy who will soon be into super heroes and already occasionally thinks he’s Batman!

What did you learn from 2017?


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