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2017: A Review

Some years are full of excitement. Take 2015 for example, the year I became a mum and also the first year we took our first family holiday to a caravan in Wales (coincidently also my first caravan holiday – it was quaint, but also bloody freezing), or 2011 when Mr H and I got married and then enjoyed an amazing honeymoon in Singapore and Malaysia. 2017 on the other hand has been a year largely devoid of any such life-changing events, thankfully it’s also been devoid of tragedy too. It’s just kind of plodded along nicely and for the most part, for me, has been a year of learning and discovery.


Ill, Ill, Ill

I kicked off 2017 full of lurg. In fact from October 2016 until early 2017 I endured six months of non-stop bugs, fevers and other illnesses. Joy! Thankfully now 2017 is on its way out my health seems to have largely improved and give or take a couple of bouts of nasty tonsillitis I have spent the majority of the rest of the year in rude health. That’s not to say that I couldn’t improve on the health front but small steps and all that…


Turning two

2017 was the year that Elliott turned two. We enjoyed a fabulously chaotic party with family and friends. It truly was wonderful (and crazy). Elliott now wears his two-year-old status like a badge of honour. At the moment we seem to be at the height of the so-called ‘terrible twos’ with ‘No!’ being Elliott’s favourite word, closely followed by ‘I don’t like it’ and ‘I don’t want to’. Trying, to say the least, but fortunately his kind, loving and amusing personality more than make up for the challenges of toddlerhood. It’s also lovely being able to hold a conversation with Elliott now, even if he is a little economical with the truth sometimes.

“Where did we go this morning?”, I asked Elliott during a visit to relatives on Thursday afternoon.

“Church.”, came Elliott’s reply.

Gotta love Elliott for making me out to be a good Christian mother, but zooming around soft play was actually the correct answer.


Giving up on toddler groups

2017 was the year that we kind of gave up on toddler groups. Toddler Sense was brilliant but clashed with Elliott’s nap time so just wasn’t worth the ensuing over tiredness. Rattle and Rhyme at the local library had become boring for Elliott and he no longer wanted to sit still. A shame, but nice to also free our time up for activities, days out, play dates and relative visiting.


Graduating to the toddler room

It was also the year that Elliott moved up to the next room at nursery. It was difficult for the first few weeks with lots of tears but he soon settled in and now loves it, although I still struggle with the full-on noise of a room full of toddlers and pre-schoolers at pick up time. To be fair they’re all very sweet though and I am often gifted random pieces of Duplo or toy cars when I go to collect Elliott.


Money, money, money

2017 marked the year ‘I diversified my revenue streams’ – a posh way of saying tried to make money from sources outside of my main job, also known as taking on a ‘side hustle’ (or, as I like to call it a #mamahustle). Oh my god – the endless trips to the Post Office to post yet more eBay sales nearly killed me. Now I need to use my money making learnings from 2017 to make 2018 an even more profitable year.


Getting away from it all

There have been day trips aplenty but no holiday, something we’re looking to remedy in 2018.


New discoveries for the new year

It was the year we discovered a new local park and so much more. Much of it too personal to reveal. Yup! 2017 might not have been full of adventure but it certainly was the year of discovery and of having my eyes forced wide open, now it’s time to put those discoveries to practical use and make 2018 the year of adventure. Hold onto your hats people we’re in for a bumpy, but thrilling ride!


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