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Why Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star?

Kindly people often tell me that I should change the name of my blog. That the 'wrinkle wrinkle' bit is unjustified. Of course, I do the whole 'Aww, thank you. You're too sweet.' thing, but the name is sticking for a reason, well, a few reasons actually. Let me explain... Wrinkles at Thirty I'm not… Continue reading Why Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star?

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To YouTube, or Not to YouTube?

I have so many ideas whizzing around my mind at the moment. So many videos I want to film. So many times I want to pick up the camera and vlog. So much content I'd like to add to social media. So many blog posts I want to type. So much everything... and it's just… Continue reading To YouTube, or Not to YouTube?