Bloody hell, Elliott has been cute today. A pain in the ass at the times too, obviously – he is nearly two after all, but super-cute to go with it.



It started this morning when he decided he didn’t want to sit in his highchair to eat breakfast. Rather than force him I thought I’d try him on one of our dining chairs with a cushion as a booster so he could reach. He loved it and as a result was really well behaved at breakfast and again at lunchtime when he sat there again. Less so at dinner time, but hey – you can’t have everything, right?

I snuck a quick shower and dry shampooing in after Elliott was ready for the day and entranced with Twirylwoos. Result!

Then, as it was pouring with rain, the plan was to do some painting, or make some krispie cakes. However, Elliott was so hyper that neither was going to be a practical option. So instead we took the cushions off the sofa and created a mini assault course! Elliott found jumping up and down on the cushions hilarious, especially when I joined in.


We stopped for snack – breadsticks and almond butter and then Elliott ran into his nursery and pointed to the cupboard where his painting equipment is kept. How did he know? I set up a painting area in the lounge (think plastic covering over the carpet) and we set to work. Again, Elliott loved it. Or at least he did until he got over tired, then I was left wrestling the sponges and brushes off him and trying to stop him from smearing paint up the sofa. He then had a massive tantrum as I had to drag him to the sink to wash his hands. One of those tantrums that hurts your soul, so he got lots of cuddles afterwards. It’s so difficult. On the one hand you can’t pander to their tantrums, but at the same time they’re still so little and not in control of their emotions…


I was then planning on starting lunch but Elliott looked shattered so I tried to settle him down for a nap. He wasn’t keen on going down in his nursery and quickly ran to the lounge and pointed to the TV. I made a compromise of putting the radio on, quickly switched it to Classic FM and swayed with him a bit to calm him down and give him some cuddles (as much for me as they were for him). He then decided he wanted to take a nap on the sofa, so I settled him down with a blanket and cushion and he happily napped there for a couple of hours whilst I ran around like a mad thing getting housework done.


After lunch (pizza toast) we headed into town. Elliott did a sterling job of helping me get him ready and then insisted on taking a small Fat Face carrier bag with a pack of baby wipes ( which he had put in there) out with him – so cute! We bumped into his Nanny in the supermarket which was nice considering Elliott had been asking for her throughout the day.

There’s been cuddles and smiles and lots of chatting – so much chatting! It’s been lovely. Elliott, dude, I love you more than you will ever know and I love spending time with you.


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