Diary: Tired – 4th May 2017

Gosh! I’ve been tired today. I mean not newborn days tired, obviously. But certainly coffee doesn’t make any difference tired.

One night out and I’m wrecked, and not even a big night out, just a family wedding party. It was really nice by the way. Elliott did really well. He loved the music and the lights and the other kids and the big (decorative) milk churns. He also loved the fireworks, although he was a little tired by that stage. When we went to say our goodbyes the groom told us that we were blessed to have a cutie like Elliott as a son and indeed we are. Sometimes being a parent is tough and the events that are occurring in the UK at the moment just make parenting even harder as you worry about their future. But then when you have your toddler just having hysterics over the silliest things (like the way you take their socks off during nappy change), or coming to you for a cuddle. It puts everything into perspective and nothing really matters outside of that little bubble of family life at that moment.

Oh deep!

Elliott also made us chuckle, as we were saying our goodbyes I was holding onto Elliott when an elderly gentleman guest reached out to Elliott and stroked his hand. Elliott smiled back and then started to dance, resulting in the man joining in. Such a cute moment and totally indicative of Elliott’s fun loving personality. I’m so proud of him. At his age I would have been totally overwhelmed by a party of that size, but he just took it in his stride and enjoyed himself. Us adults could learn a lot from those toddlers, although maybe not the tantrums and throwing food.

Anyway, because of the tiredness and the need to get stuff done today has been pretty quiet. We’ve been catching up on the washing now that the machine is fixed, tidying up, listing a million things on eBay and wishing we could take a two hour afternoon nap like Elliott did.

I’ve also managed to sell my Robbie tickets! Hurrah! I wouldn’t normally say hurrah about that, but I just can’t face going, so I’m glad a. someone else can enjoy the gig and b. I’ll be getting some money back.

Now just watching the news, after having watched the #OneLoveManchester gig and I can’t actually believe the world we live in…


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