Diary: Worcester – 3rd June 2017


Ah! Today has been a contented kind of day. We had originally planned to visit Worcester on Bank Holiday Monday, but rain literally stopped play. Fortunately, today’s sunshine meant we could go!

This morning was a bit of a mammoth mission, what with simultaneously preparing breakfast and lunch, but so worth the prior preparation.

Worcester is one of my favourite places to visit. There’s some brilliant shops, the iconic view of the Cathedral presiding over the impressive, River Severn and some fantastic outside spaces. Today there were also buskers aplenty (but like, really good buskers, ones that should be getting through to bootcamp on Britain’s Got Talent) and a fabulous street market.

We browsed a few stores. Mr H spent some of his birthday money on a T-shirt from Fat Face. Then we headed to Cripplegate Park for lunch. The ground was still a bit too soggy for a proper ‘picnic blanket’ style picnic, but we found a nice bench overlooking the tennis courts and settled down for some soggy sandwiches (an English picnic essential, non?), crisps and jelly. Elliott roared at the lions on the fountain in the centre of the park and then we headed to the children’s play area.


I love the children’s play area at Cripplegate. There’s just so much to keep little ones entertained. Elliott was in his element and once he found his confidence was happily running around from play thing to play thing – driving the boat and demanding that Mr H and I be passengers, inviting us in for tea in his little house, repeatedly sliding down the huge slide even though it was super-fast and he kept sliding off the end, bouncing on the trampoline. He was so happy.


A bit more browsing and then we headed to one of the cake stalls at the market and purchased two of the biggest slices of cake you’ve ever seen. I opted for Strawberries and Cream and Mr H had Black Cherry Sponge, we picked up a coffee and a smoothie and headed back to the car with the intention of sitting down by the river to eat our cake, but it was a bit blustery so we decided to have an in-car picnic instead. Oh my word! The cake was delicious.

Cake, fun at the park, a mooch around the shops, a well-behaved and now napping toddler, sunshine, people watching people attending Worcester races for Ladies Day (oh the outfits!!!), picnics – this is the life!

Now we’re on our way back home. We have a wedding party to attend tonight at the same venue we got hitched. It’s going to be a late one and we’re taking Elliott with us, so who knows how it will go, but we thought we would give it a try! Even if we have to leave after half-an-hour the rest of today has been so perfect that I wouldn’t even care.


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