Diary: Holiday – 1st June 2017

Alas! Nope, we’re not jetting off to foreign shores. Not even taking a UK mini break or a staycation. Instead, today I booked a day off work and popped Elliott into nursery just so I could catch up with life. And I did I catch up? A little.

Finances were checked and reconciled.

Emails were checked.

Messages replied to.

Money making schemes were researched and carried out.

Face and hair masks were applied.

Robbie tickets were put up for sale.

A long shower was taken.

Make-up was applied.

Hair was styled.

Nails were painted.

Episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians were watched.

Phone calls were made.

Cards written and gifts wrapped.

Lunch was eaten.

Shops were visited (mostly to get my freebies from my Shopmium app and another cashback app that I will tell you about soon).

More research was carried out.

Coffee was drunk.

Tea was cooked.

Duplo was played with.

Tidying took place.

eBay feedback was left.

Future actions were scheduled.

Gift ideas for Elliott’s birthday were researched.

And now? Now, I am tired and a bit gutted that today went so fast and I didn’t get to tick everything off my to do list. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.


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