Diary: Moving up to the toddler room at nursery – 30th May 2017

“Beeeeeep” went the intercom as the door opened to Elliott’s nursery.

I climbed the stairs to the baby and toddler room, took my shoes off and looked through the glass expecting to see him playing. He was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was hiding around in the comfy corner?

One of the practitioners raced to the door.

“He’s downstairs.” she said.

My little baby, although obviously not a baby any more, was having his first stay-and-play in the toddler room (at our nursery there’s the baby room (0-2), toddler (2-3) and pre-school (3-4)(. I felt an instant and simultaneous tug at my heart strings and ovaries – where’s my baby gone???

If I was in any doubt of Ellitot’s toddler credentials he decided to showcase them by refusing to leave the toddler room. On the one hand, that’s great, at least it shows he had a good time. On the other, I could have done without the tears and tantrums after a full day at work.

It turns out he was only there for an hour this afternoon, but as he’s a delicate petal they thought he might need a few settling in sessions and decided they would get some in whilst the room is quieter during half-term.

Other than that it’s been work, chasing Ticketmaster about my Robbie refund and picking up washing from my lovely mom’s.

How’s your Tuesday been?


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