Diary: Are we JAMS? 28th May 2017

We recently audited our finances, It turns out we’re officially JAMS (Just About Making Do). I must admit that term does irk me a little as ‘making do’ means something different to everybody, but for us it means what goes in, goes out, leaving little for extravagances, or more worryingly savings.

There are some more savings we could make. Maybe just have one car. Stop Elliott’s swimming lessons – which are brilliant but bloomin’ expensive. But, in general, our outgoings are fairly lean. So rather than make further cuts to our spending we decided to take a different tack and boost the money that’s coming in, which is why I spent most of this morning holed up in our local library completing eBay listings, completing online surveys and mulling over our future financial plans. It wasn’t exciting. In fact, at times it was plain weird – just how many men come to the library to read the paper? And, why do those men insist on making the strangest sounds?

My reason for heading to the library? We live in a two bedroom apartment, which is mostly open plan, so it’s hard to hide from Elliott when I need to get something done. Mr H and Elliott were swimming this morning so I did manage to do some work from home before heading to my library office. I have to admit I secretly quite enjoyed being in the library. It reminded me of being a student and the abundance of opportunity you feel when you are a student. Not a bad feeling to have as I embark slowly and shakily on my #mumboss journey.

When I got back Elliott was just stirring from his nap so I cooked us all lunch and played Lego with the little man before heading to a nearby park to play on the swing and slide. I made the fatal faux pas of saying ‘these are my only clean jeans’ – you can imagine what happened next? Yep, mucky toddler footprints all over my clean grey jeans, sob! And, yes, our washing machine is still broken, so…

I’m so tired right now but I still have a heap of things I need to complete. Going to try to fly through them so I can get some shut eye soon!

Have a great Bank Holiday xx


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