Diary – Eerily Quiet – 27th May 2017

Gosh, I was bleary eyed this morning, plus my voice had disappeared again. Mr H brought Elliott into bed with us, which was lovely until Elliott jumped out of bed and started attaching the ornaments on my bedside table and I didn’t have a voice to tell him to stop. Coffee helped, although I’ve been pretty sleepy all day.

Breakfast was a bit of disaster. Mango and porridge, we thought. That will be a nice combination, we thought. We were wrong. Mango and porridge separately – yum. Together? Gross! Not even Elf proportions of Maple Syrup could rescue it! Thank goodness for standby Rice Krispies.

I headed to a spa appointment at our local shopping centre this morning. It was eerily quiet – apart from Primark, which is never quiet on a Saturday! It was nice to have a break from being mummy for five minutes as I lay down on the therapists bed and we proceeded to talk about our little ones for the length of the treatment. Being a mum seriously gives you verbal diarrhea about your kids and you’re kind of excited when you find another mum you can talk to about it. It’s nice and sad in equal measures!

I also got into a bit of a Facebook spat today. Robbie and Ticketmaster are still keeping schtum about any potential ticket refunds. I’d backed up some other ladies who had posted on a Robbie post saying they were scared to go, only to have a load of (childless) people tell me I should stop ‘wrapping myself in bubble wrap’. There’s another blog post for another day, but it did rattle my cage!

Washing was duly dropped off at the ‘rents and this afternoon and evening we’ve enjoyed watching the FA Cup final, playing with Lego and just chilling out.

Now I’m off to spend some time with Mr H, ahead of getting my werk, werk, werk, werk on tomorrow morning!

Ciao! x


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