Oh my god! I have been such a grumpy woman today, here’s why…

  1. I’m still suffering with laryngitis. I don’t feel ill, but my voice will be there one minute and gone the next. My throat is also really scratchy and annoying whenever I try to eat or drink anything. Tres pants!
  2. The washing machine repair man didn’t turn up, although apparently he did and our buzzer wasn’t working a-fucking-gain. He then got told off for where he had parked – by someone who has no business doing so and so buggered off.
  3. When I called to say he hadn’t been and was told the above, the lady said she would look into what she could do for me in terms of rescheduling for later today. Two hours later and she hadn’t called back, so I called them to be told the repair guy had to go to another area so the soonest he could come would be next Friday. My response ‘It would have been nice if someone could have phoned me to tell me that.’ Grr!
  4. Hot weather and toddlers – oh my god! It probably didn’t help that we had to stay in this morning, but even when we went out this afternoon. The constant whining, the never-ending ‘No’s’ it’s truly tested my patience today!
  5. Me thinking I’ve been smart and purchased Elliott a lovely basic warm weather capsule wardrobe, only to discover the shorts are so big on him they fall down and he seems to be scared of the sandals (edit: he did eventually wear them, thankfully), even his trousers from last summer are big on him, despite his winter trousers fitting him fine – I don’t understand?!
  6. Ticketmaster’s bizarre Customer Service. I’ve decided I would ideally like a refund on our Robbie tickets and upon hearing that Live Nation are issuing refunds I assumed Ticketmaster would be doing the same. However, no one knows. Contact them on Twitter and you get an elusive DM directing you to a generic web form to submit your query. Surely they should have some ‘company line’ by now, even if it was just ‘In light of recent events we are considering our refund policy and will make a statement as soon as a decision has been reached’ – there you go Ticketmaster – you have that one for free!

There have, of course, been some plus point to today too… My main highlight was Elliott pointing to one of our wedding photos and saying ‘Mummy, pretty’. Awww. Yes, Elliott in the photo with my perfect hair and make-up I do look quite pretty, today however, I have Dairylea smudged in my hair and basically am the dictionary definition of a hot mess! He did also spoon feed me some of his lunch and when I popped him down for his nap he grabbed the pillow we keep in his nursery (for parents laying next to the cot purposes) as if to say, ‘I will go to sleep mummy, but will you stay with me please?’.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I have a wax appointment. After today, both of these sound like bliss!


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