Diary: Terrorble Times – 25th May 2017

We’re off to see Robbie next month. The tickets arrived today.

Usually I would be really excited about going to see Robbie tour. I don’t think I’ve missed one of his tours in about 15 years which, apart from anything, makes me feel frickin’ old!


This time I’m less certain. There have been a few things in the lead up to the gig. For one, when I booked the tickets I naively thought we would be a bit more sorted with childcare and that maybe Elliott might have done an overnight stay at someone’s house, or be used to someone else taking over the rhythms and routines of his day. Maybe it’s us being too controlling but we’re not really there yet and for a while I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable leaving him for so long and having someone else pick him up from nursery. That in itself was enough to make me question going. I even thought about trying eBay the tickets – crazy talk for a Robbie lover like me!

Even though childcare is sorted now. It’s not sorted, sorted. I still need to go through routines and nursery pick ups and all that kind of stuff.


And, then in the midst of all this. When I’m already feeling uneasy about going there’s Manchester and the worry that comes from attending a concert. I absolutely hate the fact that I feel this way. If I’m honest, if I didn’t have Elliott I think I would be like ‘f**k the terrorists let’s go and have a party’. But – as morbid as it might sound – I have this real fear of going to the concert and not making it back. Of how, weirdly, selfish that would make me. Mum killed going to a concert that she didn’t really need to go to. Of course, this is what those cretins want. They want to stop us living our daily lives…

I don’t have the answer at the minute, but it’s definitely food for thought over the weekend! Out of interest, does anyone else have gig tickets in the coming weeks? If so, how are you feeling about going?


Today, has been scorchio. It’s been so nice to wear a summer dress and no leggings! Although less nice was the fact that I completely lost my voice this morning. I’ve had a sore throat and felt ropey for most of the week, so I think I may have had mild case of laringytis. It seems to be on its way out now though, thank goodness!


Elliott had a lovely day at nursery again. When I went to pick him up it was so warm in his room that he was just there in his T-shirt, nappy and shoes – a sight that definitely made me chuckle! He’s been playing peek-a-boo, lining up the tins from the cooker in the mud kitchen (his favourite part of the garden), pointing out the animals which correspond to the animal sound in the Old MacDonald book and eating and drinking lots.

Free Groceries!

I headed off to Asda this evening to do the weekly shop. We’re trying to cut down on how much we spend and I find I can get better bargains by going in store. I usually feel as though I’ve drawn the short straw but as I left Mr H and Elliott at home and headed to the air conditioned supermarket in my air conditioned car it didn’t feel so bad. I managed to pick up some freebies with my Shopmium app too – woo hoo!

How was your Thursday?



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