Diary: The Trouble With Co-Sleeping – 24th May 2017


I’ve been straight up knackered today. Elliott woke up at around 9pm last night and was obviously in pain. I was guessing teeth, although it may well have been stomach ache from the way he was writhing around. Calpol and cuddles were administered until he fell asleep on our bed. Mr H tried to transfer Elliott to his cot but, alas, as soon as Mr H picked him up off Elliott started to wail and cry and reach out for me. Co-sleeping it was. The trouble with co-sleeping is the only one who really gets to do any sleeping is your toddler. In between making sure they’re not banging their head on the headboard (or the bit of wood at the bottom), ensuring they’re not going to fall out of bed and that they haven’t secretly woken up and are raided my make-up stash! So Elliott was well rested while the rest of us are knackered.

Afternoon Nap

Of course, Elliott was also the only one who get to take a two hour afternoon nap today, although I must admit at one point this afternoon I was packaging up some boxes and one was just the right height to form a pillow on my desk. It was tempting. I only rested my head there for the briefest nano second, but it was bliss!

Nursery Fun

Sounds like Elliott had an equally enjoyable day at nursery. Splashing around in the paddling pool in the garden and amazing everyone by copying one of the practitioners saying ‘thank you’ as someone held the door open for them. I’m so pleased his manners are started to kick in.

And now I’m off to catch up on all the stuff I didn’t get done last night… Including, if I’m lucky, sleep!



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