Diary: Sunshine and siestas – 22nd May 2017

Argh! I have a sore throat a-flipping-gain. To be honest, it’s not tonsillitis bad and I’m now becoming so used to being ill that I can push on regardless #mumskills!

Bed was so comfortable this morning that when Mr H got up to get ready for bed I asked him to grab Elliott, who was yelling out for us, and see if he would come snuggle with me for a bit. I managed about 10 minutes of cuddles before the dummy throwing lunacy started. But, hey, every second counts!

Elliott has eaten much more today and chomped his way through a large bowl of porridge and raspberries for breakfast. Our first appointment of the day was to pop to my mom’s house to pick up some stuff from my ‘to eBay’ pile. Nanny then accompanied us to the local park for a while and I think had as much fun playing on the children’s playground as Elliott did. It’s so much more fun now he’s a bit more of a daredevil and not afraid to climb the big slide and spin on the round-about. He even decided when he had had enough and walked off towards the gate which was pleasing. So much easier than him having a meltdown when I try to evict him from the play area. We had a quick look at the ducks but Elliott was looking tired, so I bundled him up in the car and we headed into town.

I really thought Elliott would fall asleep in the buggy, but as he hadn’t eaten much yesterday I think tiredness and hunger hit at the same time. Unfortunately I hadn’t bought any lunch with me and as I’m trying not to spend any money at the moment I was a little confused as to what I could offer him. A Organix gingerbread men biscuits left over from his morning snack hit the spot initially. Then I trundled to Boots to redeem some of my Advantage Card points on a lunch we could share – a tomato and mozzerella pasta salad and a flapjack. We sat out in the sunshine and ate together. It was unplanned and really fun. Elliott’s face when I accidentally dropped some pasta on him was hilarious and the way he was waving to the birds (or birdie wirdies as he likes to call them at the moment) was super-cute. We picked up our shopping and Elliott had fallen asleep on the way back to the car.

It’s amazing how much friendlier people are when the sun is shining isn’t it? I was having little micro chats with everyone today – it’s so nice.

When we got home I popped Elliott in his cot and set to doing some housework. Elliott had a super-long nap so I actually got a lot done. I actually had to wake him at about 4pm and even when he was awake he was quite content to lay in his nursery and watch me put his clothes away.

Not an exciting day, but a lovely and productive day nonetheless. Now, at 9:15pm I need to continue in that vein… A mama’s work is never done…


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