Diary: Everything’s going swimmingly? 21st May 2017

This morning was lovely. Blue skies. Sunshine. A hint of spring to the air. Granted, I was tired from staying up late the previous night to discuss finances with Mr H, but a coffee soon solved that. It was my turn to be a Poolside Spotter at Elliott’s swimming class this morning and it was gorgeous to see how much he’s come on since I was last poolside. He has such a love for the water and was literally smiling from ear-to-ear as Mr H swooshed him through the H20 (although not so much when he forgot to hold his breath on the seal dive, poor little mite).

Post swimming we headed to a new coffee shop to refuel and had a quick catch-up with Mr H’s sister, before heading home for lunch. Elliott was showing signs of tiredness whilst we supped our cappuccinos so we fully expected him to be asleep on the drive home and he did just that. Unfortunately he didn’t stay asleep when we got him out of the car. Cue an interesting afternoon of him refusing food and being supremely over-tired. At one stage I decided to try to snuggle up with him on the sofa and put the news on as background muzak. Quite often putting something boring on the TV sends Elliott into the land of nod. Instead Elliott seemed fascinated as Donald Trump addressed the sea of world leaders gathered together in Saudi Arabia.

Elliott did eventually get to sleep at around 4pm. As a last ditch attempt Mr H tried him in his cot and after fighting the Zzzz’s for a little while he did take a short nap. To be honest, he’s not really been himself since after swimming. It look as though he’s getting yet another viral rash – oh joy – and his cheek is so rosy red that he must be hardcore teething.

Mr H and I were anxiously wanting to continue our chat from last night to put into place our strategy for boosting our finances, but alas it had to wait, with both of us becoming more and more angst ridden about how we were going to afford the things we want in life in our current financial predicament.

We did eventually get to have that chat once Elliott had gone to bed, which was a bit of a mission in itself as he procrastinated by carrying his book between us continually and stage managing us to sit in different places in his nursery. In terms of the finances we’ve drawn up an action plan, which means a lot of hard work. I’ve started on my action plan this evening by applying for some weekend work, preparing a CV for some other weekend work (in case the first application doesn’t work its magic – don’t worry, I’m not crazy enough to take on two weekend jobs!) and having a look at some work from home opportunities. I’ve tried my hand at some transcribing tests, but, to be honest, I’m a bit rubbish (and slow) at the moment, so I think I need a bit more practice before I sign up for that. I hate that everything is about the money at the moment, but it’s not in a blingin’ sense, it’s in a sensible we want a good future for our little one sense, so…



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