Diary – 20th May 2017

What a strange mixture of a day.

We started off with hair cuts for the boys. As ever, Elliott was golden as he got his mullet trimmed into something resembling an actual hairstyle! Kind of missing his Bradley Wiggins-esque sideburns though! Then we headed to our local shopping centre to pick up some bits and bobs, before heading home for nap time. Well, nap time for Elliott and get shizz done time for mummy!

In the afternoon we headed to soft play with friends and their little ones. The boys headed into the soft play war zone whilst me and my old school friend chatted and put the world to rights, whilst snuggling up with her little newborn.

Elliott was shattered by the time we got home and was practically falling asleep in his chilli con carne, bless him.

This evening Mr H and I decided to have a proper look at our finances. We were hoping to move house soon, but as Mr H used to work for BHS and has had a series of fixed term contracts more recently things aren’t as rosy in the finance department as we would have hoped! There’s nothing like a good spreadsheet session to dampen your spirits. I tried to be pragmatic about it. I’m still trying… I took to The Motherload Facebook page to ask for some advice and was so overwhelmed by the helpful, supportive responses I received that I actually shed a tear! Sometimes the internet gets me down but tonight I was shown what a wonderful place it can be. Now I definitely have some food for thought, I think I just need to grow some balls to put some of it into action!


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