Diary: Over Tired Toddler – 19th May 2017

It’s not even 1pm and yet I felt compelled to write today’s diary entry. You see, I have a feeling that this evening all I will be good for is curling up on the sofa in my PJs, glass of something alcoholic in one hand, block of something chocolatey in another and a screen showing something trashy wedged in front of my eyeballs!

Elliott decided to wake at 5:45am today. Now I know for some of you baby and toddler mama’s that’s the norm, but for us it’s really not so it was a bit of a rude awakening to say the least. Breakfast went well, even managed to get Elliott dancing to a bit of Queen whilst he chowed down on his porridge. Mr H would be proud.

CBeebies took care of the childcare whilst I sorted the washing up and tidying. Then followed a huge stinky nappy where I resorted to putting an episode of Peppa Pig on my iPhone beside Elliott to keep him still, because, well, it wouldn’t have been pretty if he had decided to move mid nappy change!

We headed into town at around 10am. First to the Post Office to take in my latest eBay sales. I didn’t charge enough for postage for some of them this time around and although I still made a profit it’s not as much as I would have hoped it would be. Lesson learned.

Next up we went to Specsavers to get my glasses tightened as Elliott keeps bending them so they’re too big for my head. No mean feat considering how big my head actually is! They’ve changed the layout in our local Specsavers and it’s now impossible to stand anywhere with the buggy without being in the way. Hmmm…

Next up the loo for me and a nappy change for Elliott. Then Tesco for cheese where Elliott made friends with one of the members of staff there. It really does make me so proud to see how happy Elliott makes people. And finally onto the library for Rattle and Rhyme. We were a little early so looked through the books and caught up with my NCT friend. Unfortunately by the time Rattle and Rhyme had begun Elliott was completely over-tired and didn’t want to join in. Instead he ran up and down the library, tried to make a break for freedom through the automatic doors and became obsessed with just about every part of the library except the bit that Rattle and Rhyme was taking place in.

I did manage to man handle him over to the group for a short time but then he started stealing instruments and literally had to be held on my lap so that he didn’t escape again – not fun for either of us. At one point he just lay on my lap and you could see in his eyes that he was literally shattered. I never knew a one year old could have such bags under theirΒ eyes!

Now we’re home and after a little resistance Elliott is tucked up in his cot. I’m sorting out our finances – bleak! Well, not that bleak. We’re not poor but we do need to reign things in a bit, supping a coffee and wondering what to get up to when Elliott wakes up being as it’s teeming down with rain a-bloomin-gain!

How’s your Friday?


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