Diary: Lego and Lurg – 13th – 18th May 2017

IMG_0418Ah, there’s nothing like a stinky cold to put a dampener on the best laid plans. I came down with a sore throat last Wednesday, felt grotty on Thursday, a bit better on Friday and a whole lot better on Saturday morning, which was handy, as that was when we had plans to celebrate Mr H’s birthday.


We breakfasted in the park (yummy!), chased Elliott back to the car and then bundled him in and drove to Wolverhampton to take in the Lego exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.


A quick pit-stop in the cafe and we were ready to explore. To be honest I was expecting more Lego models of a grand scale. If I’m truly honest, I guess I was expecting a mini Legoland Windsot.


Instead, it was mostly prints of scenes from films recreated in Lego and some complex but small Lego models.


Each room of the exhibition did come complete with its own box of Lego and Elliott was in his element in the room with the super-large rubbery Lego bricks and Duplo, as was Mr H.


Getting Elliott to nap was tricky, we tried wandering around other parts of the museum, but it was just too stimulating for him. He particularly enjoyed pressing the buttons and making contraptions come to life in a section of the museum devoted to mechanical artwork..


In the end we took a wander around Wolverhampton city centre. I love the place (I went to university there) but with it’s boarded up shops and lack-lustre high street it’s enough to send anyone to sleep.


Our plan worked and we returned to the museum to eat our lunch among various sculptures. We then waited for Elliott to wake for his lunch and then waited for him to eat it. By the time we moved from our seats we were stiff from sitting still for so long. Something we rarely do now we have a toddler in tow!

On the evening Mr H and I headed to Pizza Express for a date night birthday meal. The food was scrumptious and it was nice to get out and have some adult conversation with my other half. Shame that Elliott was a little monkey who refused to settle before we went out. Unfortunately , it was Saturday evening when my cold decided to make it’s come back and I could feel a familiar tickle in my nostrils. I tried to put it down to hayfever, but deep down I knew it wasn’t.

Sunday was Mr H’s actual birthday. He went swimming with Elliott in the morning and then we went for coffee in Cafe Nero. I purchased a birthday balloon to embarrass him with and tied it to the back of his chair in the cafe. We got home and lunched on salad. I grated some of my thumb into the salad too – ouch! Then Nev’s family came over for gift giving, cake and coffee. My nose was still snuffly but I still tried to convince myself that it was hayfever. Again, it wasn’t.

Monday and the washing machine repair man was due. He came, he saw, he ordered parts so it’s still not fixed. I had plans to catch up with a mummy friend in the afternoon bbut by now I had admitted to myself that it wasn’t hayfever and that I felt shocking. Elliott seemed grumpy too, so we played a bit in the morning before both having a nap on the sofa. The afternoon was spent trying to think up activities to do with Elliott which didn’t involve too much moving!

Tuesday was back to work and I still felt rough. Costa has been my saviour this week. Well, apart from the day where I gestured a bit too wildly and knocked an entire medium Americano over my work desk! This week has probably been one of the first week’s when I’ve had the ‘Sunday night’ feeling of not really wanting to go back to work (albeit my Sunday night feeling comes on a Monday) but actually it’s been a pretty productive and enjoyable week. It’s funny how we demonise things before they’ve even played out sometimes.

We’ve moved Elliott’s bed time forward this week as he was struggling to settle over the weekend which we reckon was because he was over tired. We’ve also slightly changed his night time routine by giving him his bottle in his book and then reading his book in there too. Seems to be working thus far…

So, not the most exciting of updates. More lurg and not many blog posts. Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon!


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