Diary: He ate some apple! 12th May 2017

No diary update from me yesterday as I was full of cold, feeling sorry for myself and in need of zonking out on the sofa. All throughout the day at work I just wanted to cradle my head in my hands on my desk and have a quick forty winks. I even considered sneaking off to my car for a little lunchtime siesta, but I was worried I may feel worse instead of better so I continued using imaginary matchsticks until I arrived home.

I woke up this morning feeling groggy but a little better. Elliott did the decent thing and didn’t wake until after 7am so that helped. I knew I was on the road to recovery when I supped my morning Lemsip and it tasted foul. I really didn’t want to take Elliott to Rattle & Rhyme but I knew that not taking him would not only be selfish but would also mean I had to try to entertain him, so off we trotted.

The weather was vile this morning so we drove to the library, which, if you knew how close we live to town, really is ridiculous. We headed to Tesco first and then onto the library. Elliott was a bit dazed to begin with. The box of instruments was opened just behind where he was standing but he seemed oblivious both to the box and also to all of the kids now swamped around him. Eventually he came to and enjoyed playing his instruments and dancing around to the songs, as well as pulling random books off the shelves and passing them to me.

Elliott usually naps after Rattle & Rhyme but today he was full of beans so we decided to have lunch together first. Well, after Elliott had helped me unpack the shopping and used the Iceberg lettuce that I’d purchased as a football… We lunched on pizza toast. I’m on a bit of a frugal drive at the moment and we had leftover cheese, tomato puree and ham so they were spread on some crusts of bread and toasted.

Elliott did eventually go down for his nap after lunch, but it was a battle! At first he just wailed as I popped him in the cot and I had to leave the room as there was no way he was going to realise he was sleepy with me in there. I went back in when he was still upset but had calmed a little and he caved and lay down, held my hand and fell to sleep. I was sneakily checking Facebook on my phone underneath his cot. Bad mummy!

Elliott had a good nap. I sat down with my cold coffee and watched an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know! But what can I say? I’ve tried yoga and meditation but nothing relaxes me quite so much as an episode of the Kardashians! Then I washed up, prepped tea, tidied up, backed up my camera, did my finances… It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time when you have a little one. Those tasks would have taken me all day before I had a child!

Once Elliott woke up he didn’t really want to get out of his cot which was slightly strange! When he eventually did get out we had a snack together: apple, sultanas and white chocolate buttons with almond butter. Elliott loves almond butter and was keen for me to scoop every last smidgen out of the bowl and feed it to him on a slice of apple. Then he really surprised me by actually eating his apple!!

Dinner was fajitas – always a tasty treat, even if Elliott does insist on only eating the yoghurt, cheese and wraps! And, now I’m trying to tick a few more things off that never ending to do list in the hope that I can sneak in another episode of the Kardashians before bed!


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