Diary: Potty Training?! 10th May 2017

So, I go to collect Elliott from nursery today and he’s in the garden, sweeping up – bless him. Out of choice, I might add. Elliott likes a good bit of tidying and cleaning up. His key worker bustles over to me:

“We’ve had a bit of a milestone today” she says,

“Elliott did his first wee in the potty!” she adds

“Wow!” I counter, stunned.

Potty training is something we’ve thought about, we even have a potty ready in anticipation, but it’s not something I’ve researched, nor is it something I’m itching to instigate at present.

At first I was really proud and, of course, I still am.

But as I drove back from nursery I became a little deflated. For one, this is the first ‘first’ that nursery have had instead of us. Parents who put their kids into nursery early must feel this all of the time as they miss their child’s first steps or first words. We were fortunate to enjoy all those moments at home, so I felt a bit annoyed that the nursery had ‘stolen’ this milestone from me.

Secondly, at parents evening when I asked about potty training. They said they would follow our lead and do whatever we do at home. So how come they’re ‘trying him on the potty’ before I am? And creating wall charts with stickers as rewards before I’ve even thought about how I want to potty train Elliott? I haven’t done my research yet but if it’s like anything else with children there’s bound to be multiple theories as to how it should be done.

Then I thought SHIT (literally) if they start doing it at nursery we’ve got to start doing it at home and I’m honestly not sure that I’m ready yet. There are certain advantages to Elliott still being in nappies. Besides, I’m not sure that he’s ready yet either. He can tell us once he has done a poo but not before. If he’s on the potty at nursery but not at home surely he’s going to get really confused?!

Argh! How can there be so many emotions about going for a sodding wee on a piece of moulded plastic?

On the plus side we had a family outing to McDonalds after dinner. I’d had a bit of a frustrating day (and that was before ‘pottygate’) and a stupid sore throat so we decided to go and treat ourselves to some McFlurry’s courtesy of Ronald McD. On the way back home loads of vintage cars were pulling up for a ‘meet’ at a nearby pub – there were some seriously gorgeous American muscle cars revving their engines, much to Mr H’s delight.

This evening I’ve been looking at the online shop and trying to figure out how we could save some money on it. I’ve figured out we could save almost £13 by visiting Tesco and Sainsbury’s instead of ordering our usual online shop. Doesn’t sound a lot, but when you times that by 52, it soon starts to add up! We spend way too much on groceries so anything that helps us save some money is good with me. I know where I’lll be going tomorrow night now!



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