Diary: Toddler Bathtime Routine – 9th May 2017

Mr H has taken some washing around to his dad’s tonight as our washing machine is still broken, which meant I was in charge of Elliott’s bath and bed time routine. I haven’t done a solo bath and bed time for ages, so IĀ  must admit I was a little apprehensive but with the exception of a bit of a meltdown over Elliott not wanting to brush his teeth it went pretty well. In fact, the novelty of having Mummy do bath time meant that Elliott was quick to lay down on his change mat so I could prep him for his bath. No chasing him down like Mr H sometimes has to.

Unfortunately Freddie the Fish is on the blink, so we took to blowing some old school bubbles, which literally delighted Elliott. He also found it hilarious when I tried to drag him into his nursery on his change mat… and struggled because he’s a bit heavier than the last time I tried to do that!

Nothing massively exciting happened in my day, so I’ll leave you with this cute mental image of Elliott at nursery. Apparently this morning the practitioners looked over and Elliott had lined up all the mirrors along the wall and was walking along waving at his reflection in each one and going ‘Hiya!’, ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’. How cute!

How was your Tuesday?


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