Diary: Another Day, Another Soft Play! 8th May 2017


Please excuse the crap photo. Toddlers don’t stay still enough in soft play for photo opps! 

Another lovely, if a tad busy, day with the little man. He woke at 6am raring to go for the day. Dummy thrown out of the cot (Bam!), followed by penguin (Bump!) and monkey (Doink!) as if to say “C’mon Mummy and Daddy you gotta get me now.”. I’m trying my hardest to resist zooming straight in after I hear the dummy hits the floor as I know that will reinforce the negative behaviour, but my god it’s hard hearing him whinge sometimes.

We breakfasted, then Justin baby-sat whilst I restored order in the house. Elliott is super-cute at the moment and will mimic me applying my make-up by rubbing his face, sometimes he will even rub his milk from his cereal in his face (ha, ha!).

This morning we headed to a nearby soft play for a play date with one of Elliott’s buddies from Baby Sensory. We were keen beans and actually got there before the venue opened, but then that was nice because we had free run of the place for the first ten minutes or so. It was a really nice soft play place. Small, but well maintained and clean and there was a good assortment of equipment for different age ranges.

Elliott and his mate had a good time. Elliott’s mate is a bit more of a dare devil than Elliott, but it didn’t take long for Elliott to be a little more daring and they were both zooming down the slides in no time. It was lovely to catch up with my mummy friend too, although it’s always difficult when you’ve got two toddlers who are continually trying to run off in different directions!

Elliott had a good long sleep after soft play so I set to completing all the tasks I didn’t get done yesterday – mopping floors, cleaning off mould – oh the glamour!

After his nap we lunched and Elliott ate half a poached egg alongside his Dairylea sandwich! Woo hoo! Result! We then popped to his Nan’s (my Mom’s) to pick up some items that I’d sold. One of which was an item I had provisionally sold on our local Baby Selling Site on Facebook. The buyer was supposed to be coming around to collect at 6pm. It’s now 8pm and they’ve still not turned up or messaged. Why do people do that? Why? It truly is annoying. Like, fair enough, I know things crop up but have the decency to at least drop me a quick message to let me know you won’t be able to make it. So annoying!

After our pick up we headed into town to get some groceries and then back home to cook tea. Elliott had a major strop because I wouldn’t let him unpack the groceries, but hey ho! He also did a Houdini trick on me. I popped him on the car passenger seat whilst I popped him buggy into the boot of the car (which took literally two seconds) I returned to the passenger side and he’d scooted across and was sitting drivers side! How on earth did he do that so quickly?

Another result on the food front today too is that I got Elliott to eat chicken – whoop, whoop! I had to blitz it with the hand blender so it was unrecognisable but at least he ate it. Surely his two food triumphs today beg the question, what came first the chicken or the egg?


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