Diary: Sunshine and EBay – 7th May 2017


Still a slightly functional day today, but with a bit more fun and sunshine added in.

Elliott and Mr H went swimming this morning and had great fun. Elliott wore his new Splash About Swim Wrap which apparently was great and made him much easier to keep hold of. He was fine under water, flinging himself into the water and generally just put in an immense amount of effort and had a fabulous lesson.


Whilst they were busy splashing about I headed to my mom’s to start eBaying some of the stuff I’ve been storing over there. I managed to list 13 items, which I didn’t think was too shabby for a mornings work. I also nabbed mom’s washing machine and outdoor washing line as an opportunity to work through our laundry backlog.


Elliott and Mr H arrived about 11:30am and Elliott was spark out asleep. We quickly constructed his travel cot and popped him down for a nap, before getting completely carried away in playing with a board game I was supposed to be selling!


Mom cooked a delicious dinner of lamb chops and veg. Elliott (awake by now) did amazingly well and ate about a million carrots, which is very unlike him, especially given that I asked him before the meal what he was going to eat and he replied ‘lamb, tato and biscuits’. We had trifle for dessert and that received Elliott’s (as well as our) seal of approval too.


After lunch we headed into the garden to play and it was great fun. The sunshine was beautiful. Elliott played with the ball shouting ‘Ready, Steady, Catch!’ at us before flinging the ball in our direction only for it to land a couple of feet in front of him. He loved sitting on the small wall at the end of mom’s garden. He was in his element when he saw a real ladybird (he loves the little ones in his books) and waved and said ‘Hi!’. He was very concerned as she disappeared from view as she made her way around the rim of the plant pot. But once he knew she was OK, he simply waved and yelled ‘Bye, bye!’. Β He was equally as enamoured with a little beetle. So much so that Mr Beetle got offered a bit of an Organix Gingerbread Men biscuit!

Since getting home Elliott has been a bit of a handful to say the least! Despite his earlier nap, a combination of swimming and running around the garden like a loon left him a little over-tired, so we had books strewn every where throughout the lounge and he even started opening the cupboard doors which he knows he’s not supposed to touch – randomly he only ever goes over to them when he’s feeling tired and mischievous!

He’s now tucked up in bed and I’m feeling the need to stuff my face with ALLΒ the food, despite the fact that I’ve already eaten half a sheep today!

How was your Sunday?


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