Diary: Broken Washing Machine – 6th May 2017


A rather dull day today, weather-wise and in terms of activities. I find some days are fun and others are functional, today was definitely the latter.

Our washing machine broke earlier in the week and the repair guys aren’t coming around until the week after next (!) so we embarked to Grandad’s (Mr H’s Dad) house today to take advantage of his washing machine and tumble dryer. Grandad wasn’t actually in, but we made ourselves at home and managed to wash and tumble dry Elliott’s clothes, wash and tumble dry some towels and re-wash the clothes that were in our washing machine when it decided to break. It took rather a long time. Elliott played, napped and read Grandad’s What Car? magazines and me and Mr H played and chilled out and tended to washing machines and tumble dryers and didn’t really know what to do with ourselves.

We did treat ourselves to a lunchtime trip to Subway. I haven’t had a Subway for ages and my turkey salad 6′ sub on Italian Hearty bread was delicious. I always opt for as much salad as they can possibly cram on. It literally flies off whilst I’m eating it, but it’s so delish. Elliott had his first Subway too, although mostly scraped the filling off and ate the plain bread!

It’s been chilly today and I was type this I am cold and tired cuddled up under a blanket on the sofa about to order in a take-away curry for dinner.


The amount we took to Grandad’s for our washing extravaganza was somewhat ridiculous. It literally looked like we were moving in and comprised of:

  • Travel cot frame
  • Travel cot base
  • Travel cot mattress
  • Sheet for travel cot
  • 2 x bin bags of washing
  • 1 x washing basket full of washing and also containing washing liquid and fabric conditioner
  • 1 x blue IKEA bag to put clean washing in
  • High chair legs, seat and tray
  • Plastic table cloth to go under high chair
  • Kitchen towel, anti-bacterial wipes and baby wipes
  • Cool bag full of snacks
  • Large bag full of toys
  • Change bag
  • Bag containing my notepad, laptop and other related cables

Phew! Good job we’ve got a reasonable sized car!


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