Diary: #FridaysRock 5th May 2017

It was soooooo nice today to not have anything pressing to do and to feel well enough to just spend the day having fun with little Elliott. He was in fine form too, as evidenced by him chuntering ‘Mummy, Mummy? Daddy, Daddy?” at 6:30am in his cot this morning.

After breakfast (Elliott chose Krispies today – big surprise!?) Elliott watched Justin’s House (that man deserves a knighthood for services to parents being able to get sh*t done!) whilst I tidied up the errant Krispies that were flipping everywhere. We then headed into town to do some very uninspiring shopping, before popping to the park for a Β quick go on the slide and the swing. The ‘go’ on the slide unfortunately wasn’t so quick. Elliott got to the top and then refused to move until I climbed up and slid down with him! Β Of course, Elliott had a strop when I removed him from the play area, but I was expecting that, so it wasn’t so bad.

Dummied up we headed to the Tesco Cafe to meet up with one of my NCT buddies and her little one. Elliott was in a sulk to begin with, but soon perked up once her had some tea cake. It was lovely to catch up with my friend as it’s been ages! We all then headed to Rattle and Rhyme, where I must admit I kept Elliott’s dummy in to keep him calm as previous weeks have been a bit crazy! Elliott did really well, although he did look shattered, bless him. He kept delivering instruments to me and was laughing as I was singing to another little boy who took a shine to me. Another little lad even decided to plonk himself down on my lap half-way through one of the songs.

Elliott must have been shattered by the end of Rattle & Rhyme as he jumped into his buggy with no argument and even removed his shoes for me! The next trick was keeping him awake on the walk home so he would settle for his nap in his cot. Mission accomplished he went straight to sleep, so I got on with some chores and even edited Tuesday’s video. It’s about preventing your toddler from throwing food at meal times, so keep an eye out for it if that’s an issue in your household!

I actually had to wake Elliott after 2 hours as he had zonked out. I made him beans on toast and myself beans and poached egg on toast. Turns out Elliott likes poached egg more than he likes beans. Hmmm.

This afternoon has been spent playing Lego, cars, reading books, making pretend ice creams and lots of other lovely stuff. Elliott even snuggled up to me on the sofa during his afternoon snack and fed me some of his sultanas.

A fish and chip tea was the perfect way to round of a lovely day.

Oh and Elliott trying to eat his foot during an earlier nappy change was rather hysterical. I don’t know why, I mean he always used to do it as a baby, but it just really made both of us chuckle.

Alas, my second choice Mayor won the election. I didn’t think he was bad (otherwise I wouldn’t have put him down as my second choice, obviously) but I just didn’t see any policies to back up the claims that ‘he can do it’. Er, do what exactly? And, continually reminding us that he was the former boss of John Lewis did get a bit grating after a while. Let’s hope he can bring some magic and sparkle to the Midlands.

I also got a mention on the Kidbo blog, which makes me very happy indeed. Hello if you’ve found my blog from there.


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