Diary: Voting for the West Midlands Mayor – 4th May 2017

A busy day at work again. I might be occasionally nick-named as Sicknote due to my propensity to continually be ill, but when I do get back to the office I damn well make sure I catch up. I had a catch-up with our Occupational Nurse today. On the one hand we’re immensely lucky to have her as a resource; on the other hand you do feel somewhat like a naughty school kid called in to see the Head Mistress. She didn’t seem unduly concerned and even suggested that working from home occasionally might be a good way of keeping me in ship-shape form, or at least allowing me to do some work when I’m not well enough to drag myself into the office (and infect everyone else). This is something which I have been asking about for a while, I even offered to do extra hours at home to help out with some big projects, but whilst some colleagues champion my case, HR just aren’t having it.

I’m increasingly seeing mothers either being pushed out of the work force, or making the decision to leave due to the inflexibility of their employers and it’s such a shame. Others have had to endure a take it or leave it approach as their employers won’t allow part-time working. I have to say I don’t get it. Working mum’s are a seriously untapped resource. We want the balance. We love our kids, but we want some time away from them too. We want to show our kids that you have to work for things in life. We want to show them that a woman is as valuable in the workplace as a man. We want to drink hot cups of tea and have adult conversations. But more than that we want to use our brains! When I asked for extra hours (which I would only be able to do outside of my traditional 9 – 5 due to childcare issues) my boss asked me if it was because I needed the money. My reply was that it was partly the money but also that I enjoyed using my brain and being able to think about something other than nursery rhymes and nappy changes. Because of this desire to think we’re blooming hard workers.

I’m immensely lucky that my work place allowed me to return to work three days per week, with slightly extended hours. I work so hard during those three days. OK, I don’t quite achieve what I would have done in five full-time days, but I achieve more than I did in three full-time days! It just seems ironic that when you want to apply yourself to something, but you have to do it on your terms because of little people, the flexibility isn’t there, even though it would be for the good of the business.

Anyway, today was, as I termed it, ‘Vote for a Mayor day‘. The first time we get to vote for a West Midlands Mayor. I must admit I was a bit undecided about voting. No ones policies were bang on for me and some were just plain woolly. But I did some research last night and decided who was for me. Myself, Mr H and Elliott tootled around to the Polling Station this evening. I’m trying to normalise voting for Elliott by taking him every time I go to cast my vote. Hopefully that way he will have no qualms about exercising his democratic vote when the time comes.

Elliott’s language seems to have developed so much today. His words just seem so much more clear and understandable, it’s so cute!

How was your Thursday?


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