Diary – Ain’t That A Kick in the Head – 2nd May 2017

Ah, my poor, poor neglected blog.

Tuesday night is my designated blog night. My night for planning, writing, photographing, recording editing, promoting and doing anything else that needs to be done to keep Wrinkle Wrinkle going.

Last Tuesday night I crashed on the sofa and had crazy fever dreams as I succumbed to the dreaded Tonsillitis. Tonight? Mr and H and I spent twenty minutes sat on the kitchen floor, watching the washing machine perform a 30ΒΊ Synthetic Wash. Or rather should I say we watched the washing machine attempting to perform a wash – it seems the spin isn’t doing it’s thang – must have sent the poor machine over the edge with all the washing we did over the weekend. Thankfully the laundry hamper is reasonably empty so, so long as we get it fixed soon (it’s still under warranty – thank f**k) we should be OK.

Other news. Back to work today so a lot of catching up to do, but I’m super pleased with the progress I made. I went in early and worked through my lunch and I’m in a pretty good place now. The mouldy coffee cup on my desk was a bit gross to walk into first thing this morning though. Eugh!

Elliott is back to his lively self. Up twice in the night (thankfully Mr H tended to him as I was comatose) and then wide awake at about 4:30am. I brought him into bed with us in the hope that he might snooze for a bit. How wrong I was. Instead we got treated to Elliott counting to three (he goes ‘One; two, two; three; two; three, three’) before squealing ‘BLAST OFF’ and chucking both (!) his dummies into the air! I did try to capture it on video, as although it was a bit early in the morning for such high-jinks, it was also really cute. However, I think he got a bit camera shy/crazy. I will try to post the video, but just wanted to get this up before anything else fell off, broke or got ill!

Needless to say Elliott is back to himself, although he is still rather snotty! He had a good day at nursery, although did get kicked in the head. Honestly that sounds worse than it actually is! Apparently he was rolling around on the floor with one of his friends and his friend accidentally kicked him in the head and left a slight mark. These boys and their scuffles!


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